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Dymo 550 Series Printer Alternatives

What Are the Best Alternatives to the DYMO 550 Series Printers?

The latest series of printers from the household name DYMO is out now, taking the place of the beloved 450 LabelWriter Series printers. The new DYMO 550 Series boasts increased print speed, a new software, the functionality to count the labels on your roll, and a few other trivial features.

It also requires you to use DYMO's proprietary brand of labels to operate.

If the DYMO Brand labels were competitively priced, reliably supplied, and carried the variety of options that every business needs, then that would be fine. However, chances are you are reading this article because you know that their labels are not...

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Shipping Label Printer

Top 3 Address & Shipping Label Printers

Do you need a shipping label printer? If your business ships many boxes a day, buying a shipping label printer is a wise investment.  Buying a label printer for shipping will save you time and money. Simply print your shipping labels from UPS WorldShip or FedEx Ship Manager then apply them on the boxes as needed.

Printing your shipping labels with a direct thermal label printer below will save you from using sheeted USPS click n ship labels. Print USPS shipping labels even faster with a shipping label printer below.

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CBD Labeling Guidelines For Florida

CBD (cannabidiol) oil and products are legal to buy and sell in Florida if you are over 18. You must have also paid the Hemp Food establishment fee.
CBD labels and Custom Cannabis labels are required on all CBD products In Florida. Make cannabis labels online here.
The hemp must be extracted from plants with less than 0.3% total delta-9 THC by weight. As of writing this article, the Hemp Food establishment fee is $650.
Each state has different Cannabis laws for labels. 

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QR Codes

15 QR Code & Microtext Ideas For Your Labels

The QR Code, or Quick responce code was Invented in 1994 By Deno Wave, a subsidiary of Toyota. The Quick Response code is a variation of the barcode. It was designed to be a machine-readable optical label. This new label would contain information about the item it's attached too. Today many scan the QR Code with a mobile phone and takes that person to a URL to view more information.
But what are the main advantages of qr codes on labels?
Advantage of QR Codes & Microtext
1. Your Brand is better protected from counterfeit products and labels. With QR codes and Microtext you can have more security against counterfeit products.  


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LabelValue Joins The Flexible Packaging Market

LabelValue Will Soon Join The Flexible Packaging Market

Tampa, Florida - LabelValue, a custom manufacturer of custom product labels, stickers, and shrink sleeve labels will soon join the flexible packaging market.

This allows LabelValue to offer many customers a one stop shopping experience for private labels, custom stickers, flexible packaging, and shrink sleeve labels. The flexible packaging market contains products like pouch bags, flexible pouches, and flexible bags.  These are the main types of flexible pouches.


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New Facility For LabelValue

LabelValue Announces Move To New Facility

LabelValue has moved, come and visit us at 5445 Hangar Ct. Tampa, Florida!


LabelValue is excited to announce our new 45,648 square foot facility at 5445 Hangar Ct. Tampa, Florida.


The official date of the move in was December 6th, 2021.



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CBD Custom Label Packaging and Printing

Packaging Guidelines for CBD

In the United States, each state has its own regulations when it comes to hemp and CBD products. Learn the importance of knowing and properly labeling your CBD products before they make it the shelves.

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