Custom Water Bottle Labels

Water Bottle Labels That Perfectly Match the Aesthetic Of Your Brand

What's better than a thirst quenching water bottle on a hot day? A potential customer enjoying a water bottle with your branding! Water bottles are great for branding giveaways at events, conferences and much more. We will work one-on-one with you to create show stopping labels that match exactly what you've envisioned. With consistently impressed customers - we pride ourselves on delivering awesome water bottle labels every time!

We carry dozens of label sizes in stock that fit common water bottle shapes and sizes. If we don't have the size you need on hand, we can order it quickly for you. Whether you're looking for clear labels to show off your pristine water, a sleek matte lamination, or any of those options in between, we have a large variety of label materials and finishes for you to select from.

Need some questions answered before you move forward with your order? Our entire customer service team is trained in all aspects of the labeling process. We know just how much of your heart and soul goes into branding and your company - so trust us when we say we guarantee your customizable water bottle labels will print amazing!

water bottle labels
water bottle labels

Only The Top Materials & Adhesives For Your Custom Water Bottle Labels

There's a lot to consider when selecting the optimal material, finish and adhesive for your custom water bottle wraps. One of the most important being, the environment in which your water bottles will spend most of their time.

Your water bottles will likely go through several drastic temperature changes during the bottling and labeling process. Add in the frigid environment in which they will likely exist until consumed, its important to choose material and adhesive options that were designed for this. We have extensive experience in labeling products that deal in harsh environments.

One of our knowledgeable customer service team members can help with suggestions if needed.

WOW Potential Customers With Sharp, Crisp Printing To Reflect Your Brand

  • We Only Use The Best In Digital Printing Technology
  • No Print Plates Used - avoid fuzzy registration and off-center printing
  • Create custom label shapes, cutouts, and more!
digitally printed water bottle labels
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How To Order Custom WATER BOTTLE Labels

Create and order your water bottle labels online with InstaProof - our guided step-by-step tool for label creation, artwork and proofing.


Configure your water bottle's label's size, material, and other features using our step-by-step label creator. Then simply make or upload your artwork, proof your labels, and check out.

Whether you need custom labels printed for your water bottles, inventive marketing using water bottles, or are looking at environment friendly options like canned water, we can print show-stopping labels for all of the above! We have extensive experience creating specialty water bottle labels for any environment needed. From our popular clear water bottle labels, to premium-feel metallic labels that really grab your attention, and everything in between. Whatever your vision, we're excited to get started on your very own water bottle labels for your brand!

Dedicated Customer Service Team

If you have any questions about the label ordering process, you can contact our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team via phone, email, or the chat button below. They can walk you through choosing the perfect label size, material, and finish. Need help with your design as well? We've got you covered there too - we can set you up with a member of our design team for any artwork help or print-related questions you might have.


Custom Label Materials, Finishes & Adhesives

Select from a wide range of materials and finishes, so your labels print just the way you pictured them.

Here are a few of our popular label materials. Not seeing what you're looking for? Let us know and we will get the material you need, quickly and affordably.

White BOPP

White Film Label Material

A bright white plastic label material featuring excellent resistance to environmental and chemical elements. A great choice for Water Bottle Labels.


White Semi Gloss Paper

A high quality semi-gloss paper label material, this material is economical and creates brilliantly crisp-looking labels. A great value for stunning labels.

Brown Kraft Paper

Brown Kraft Label Paper

An exceptionally tactile, textured paper label material in classic brown paper color. Very popular with rustic themed brands.

Clear BOPP

Clear BOPP Label Material

Going for a "no label" look? An extra clear, durable plastic film material is perfect to showcase your packaging. Another popular choice for custom water bottle labels.

Direct Thermal

Direct Thermal Label Paper

A bright white paper that is well-protected against environmental factors and designed for thermal label printing. A great option for conferences and more - you could instantly print your contact information and apply to a bottle.

Classic Textured Paper

Classic Textured Paper

A bright white laid texture paper that is designed for use in the wine & spirits industries. This material features extra resistance to liquid and cold, so it would also make a great choice for custom water bottle labels.

Silver BOPP

Silver BOPP Metallic Label Material

A metallic plastic label face featuring a chrome-like finish. This material has a high level of reflection and extra durability. An excellent choice for water bottle labels.

Silver Metalized Paper

Silver Metalized Label Paper

A bright mirror-like silver chrome coating covers this paper material, giving a highly reflective metallic look to this paper.