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Cannabis Packaging: The Best Solutions for Safe and Compliant Packages

Legal, Compliant cannabis packaging

Why should my cannabis company use flexible packaging?

As the cannabis industry continues to grow, Many cannabis companies are investing in flexible packaging for cannabis to meet the growing demand for cannabis in America. 

The legalization of cannabis in several states and countries has resulted in a growing demand for cannabis products, including edibles, concentrates, and dried flower.

Labelvalue has been printing many custom flexible packages for cannabis companies who are now joining this trend. 

In this blog, we will explore the best solutions for cannabis packaging, with the most popular option being flexible packaging. 

Flexible Cannabis Packaging

With this rise in demand comes the need for safe and sustainable marijuana packaging solutions for cannabis products. Cannabis packaging not only keeps the product fresh but also protects it from damage and tampering.

Flexible cannabis packaging is becoming increasingly popular in the cannabis industry due to its numerous benefits over traditional rigid packaging options.

Benefits Of Compliant Cannabis Packaging

Flexible packaging for cannabis products has several advantages over traditional packaging materials like glass or rigid plastics. Here are some of the advantages of cannabis flexible packaging:

  1. Lightweight & Convenient: Flexible Packaging can weigh less than other plastic jars and containers. This can save you on shipping charges. It is also a more flexible material that if dropped wont break. This type of packaging can hold a variety of products. 

  2. Child-resistant Cannabis packaging
    One of the most important aspects of cannabis packaging is safety. Child-resistant packaging is designed to prevent children from accessing the contents inside. This type of packaging typically features a locking mechanism that requires two simultaneous actions to open, making it difficult for children to open accidentally. Child-resistant packaging is now a legal requirement in many states and countries for all cannabis products, including edibles and concentrates.

  3. Tamper-evident Flexible cannabis packaging
    Tamper-evident packaging is designed to provide an indication if the package has been opened or tampered with. This type of packaging can help to prevent the sale of contaminated or counterfeit products. Tamper-evident packaging can take many forms, such as heat-sealed bags or shrink wrap, but must be designed in such a way that it is not easy to reseal the package after opening.

  4. Odor-proof packaging
    Cannabis has a distinct odor that can be recognizable from a distance. High THC content can make the cannabis smell very strong. Odor-proof packaging is designed to prevent the smell of cannabis from escaping the package. Odor-proof packaging can come in many forms, including jars but jars are heavy and broken glass is not safe.

  5. Government, Laws, and Compliance: Marijuana packaging can help ensure your cannabis products meet regulatory requirements, such as child-resistant packaging and labeling requirements. Proper packaging can help prevent accidental ingestion by children and provide important information to consumers about the product's potency, ingredients, and potential effects.

  6. Product Freshness: Flexible Marijuana Packaging can protect cannabis products from physical damage, moisture, light, and air, which can all degrade the quality of the product. Flexible packaging can help ensure that the product stays fresh and potent for a longer period of time.

The cannabis industry is rapidly expanding, many cannabis companies are investing in child-resistant, tamper-evident, and odor-proof packaging for cannabis products.

We will help you create Customized packaging that will help create a unique and memorable customer experience for your brand, as well as distinguish your brand from competitors. It will also keep your company legally compliant, reducing headaches that could arise along the way. 

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