My LabelValue Rewards

My LabelValue Rewards

We're excited to introduce our brand-new LabelValue Rewards Program, designed exclusively for our valued customers. All account holders are automatically enrolled, granting you the opportunity to earn and redeem points with every order you place.

Manage and track your rewards seamlessly through the intuitive LabelValue Rewards Dashboard, accessible within your account. Unlock a world of benefits as you shop, save, and enjoy the perks of being a part of our LabelValue community.

Visit Your Rewards Dashboard

Access Your Rewards With Your LabelValue Account

My LabelValue Rewards Dashboard

How The My LabelValue Reward Program Works


Create Or Login To Your Account


Rewards are redeemable with an active LabelValue account.

  • Earn 200 Points When You Create A LabelValue Account
  • Existing Customers Are Automatically Enrolled in the Rewards Program
  • Manage Your Reward Points And View Your Reward Transaction History Directly From Your Account Dashboard


Shop With LabelValue


Accrue points as you shop more with LabelValue.

  • Progress to Higher Tiers To Earn Even More Points Per Order
  • Join The Newsletter for Alerts To Exclusive Point Multiplier And Bonus Events
  • View Your Potential Earned Points Directly On Products And In Your Cart


Redeem Your Points And Save


Use your points toward any product or printing service.

  • Redeem Reward Points Instantly During Checkout in Your Order Summary
  • No Minimum Order Amount Required To Redeem Reward Points
  • Your Tier Will Never Reset, and Points Expire 2 Years From Date Earned

Progress Through Tiers To Increase Your Reward Rate

Elevate your shopping experience by progressing through higher tiers, earning even more points for every dollar spent. Points can be effortlessly redeemed for instant savings on all of your purchases at checkout, putting even more volume in your hands.

Tier 1: Member

LabelValue Rewards - Member

Tier 1: Member

  • Lifetime Spend: $0 - $499
  • Earn 1 Reward Point For Every $1 Spent
  • Redeem at Checkout For Instant Savings, Every Order

Tier 2: Exclusive

LabelValue Rewards - Exclusive

Tier 2: Exclusive

  • Lifetime Spend: $500 - $2,999
  • Earn 1.5 Reward Points For Every $1 Spent
  • Redeem at Checkout For Instant Savings, Every Order

Tier 3: VIP

LabelValue Rewards - VIP

Tier 3: VIP

  • Lifetime Spend: $3,000 +
  • Earn 2 Reward Points For Every $1 Spent
  • Redeem at Checkout For Instant Savings, Every Order

My LabelValue Rewards FAQ

Do prior purchases before the start of the program count towards tiers?

All customer accounts start out on the Member Tier and can progress to higher tiers upon the program release starting Monday, August 7th, 2023.

Will I lose my tier status at the end of the calendar year?

Tier status does not expire or reset yearly. Your tier status will remain for the lifetime of your account with us.

How can I see how many points I can potentially earn with my order?

You can view your potential points earned on each product, your shopping cart, & during checkout.

How can I redeem my reward points?

Easily apply your available reward points during the checkout process under the Order Summary. Select "Use Reward Points".

Do my reward points expire?

Reward points will expire 2 years (730 days) from date of purchase.

Is there a maximum amount of points I can use per order?

Customers are limited to a maximum reward point discount of $50 dollars per purchase.

Can I redeem reward points & use coupons at the same time?

Yes, customers can redeem both coupon codes and rewards during the same purchase.

Get Started With Your LabelValue Rewards

The My LabelValue Rewards Program may be changed, suspended or terminated at any time without notice. Changes may include, among other things, modifying the amount of purchases required to qualify for the various potential Rewards tiers, changing the Rewards percentages, imposing additional restrictions, or terminating the My LabelValue Rewards Program, including outstanding Rewards points and Electronic Coupons. LabelValue reserves the right to interpret My LabelValue Rewards Program rules and policies in its sole discretion and will be the final authority on point credits and Rewards qualifications.