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What Size Labels Work With The DYMO 550?

What Size Labels Work In My Dymo 550

What Size Labels Work In My Dymo 550 label printer?

There are many, but the most popular labels are the address labels and the shipping labels. The most popular size labels that work in the Dymo 550 are Dymo 30252 labels 1.125” x 3.5”. And the Dymo 30256 shipping labels 2.3125 x 4”. The problem is that the Dymo 550 labels must be purchased from Dymo only.

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Make Vet Tech Stickers Online

Make Custom Veterinary Stickers Online

In this week’s label news we will teach you how to make a custom vet tech sticker. Last week we reviewed how to use LabelValue’s custom label maker Instaproof. If you missed that article please at least glance over it to understand how our online label maker software works. This will help you in the net upcoming steps.
If you need a stock veterinary label browse them here. If you need to make a custom veterinary label keep reading this guide. This guide will show you how to print custom labels online with the best pricing. Few label companies have the technology to make labels online with an online label maker.

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What Labels Can I Use with the DYMO 550 Series Printers?

Dymo 550 Series Label Options

Does the Dymo 550 series printers support compatible labels?

No - you cannot use compatible labels anymore with DYMO's newly released 550 series printers.

You will now be required to use DYMO's proprietary brand labels with all newly released printers, past the 450 series.

Fortunately, though, there are still options available - at least for the time being. DYMO will continue to offer the DYMO 4XL desktop printer, which does not require the use of their "Automatic Label Recognition" system and proprietary labels. Using the 450 series, like the 4XL, over the 550 will allow you the option to continue to use a variety of LabelValue brand compatible labels at a fraction of the cost.

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Make Labels Online With Our Online Label Maker

Online Label Maker

Make labels online today with LabelValue's Instaproof! An online label maker that is simple to use. Our label maker online makes it easy for you to print custom labels fast! 

Avoid calling a label company to get a quote. With LabelValue's Instaproof you can get instant pricing for your labels online. And even better, after you get pricing for your custom labels you can make labels online, or upload your custom-designed artwork.

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Can You Use Generic Labels on DYMO 4XL?

4XL Printer With Generic Labels

Can You Use Generic, or Compatible Labels on DYMO 4XL?

Yes, the Dymo 4XL printer is 100% compatible with generic brand labels, like LabelValue's line of Dymo compatible labels.

You are not required to use DYMO's proprietary labels, as is the case with DYMO's newly released DYMO 550 Series. The 4XL allows you the option to use compatible labels in a variety of sizes, material options, and color options - up to 4" in width. Making it one of the most versatile and valuable printers offered by DYMO currently.

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Do Dymo 450 Labels Work With Dymo 550 Printers?

Dymo 450 labels

DYMO 550 series label printers will only work with DYMO manufactured labels. They do not work with generic or compatible labels like the 450 series did.

In addition, DYMO only manufactures a small variety of LabelWriter options. If you use a specialty size, shape, color, or material, these 450 labels will not work with the DYMO 550 Series. There is an alternative, however, that is still available to purchase that does work with all Dymo 450 labels.

DYMO LabelWriter 4XL Still Works With Dymo 450 Labels

The Dymo LabelWriter 4XL is currently still in production and able to be purchased. This 450 series DYMO printer will accept generic, compatible, and custom Dymo labels.

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What Are the Best Alternatives to the DYMO 550 Series Printers?

Dymo 550 Series Printer Alternatives

The latest series of printers from the household name DYMO is out now, taking the place of the beloved 450 LabelWriter Series printers. The new DYMO 550 Series boasts increased print speed, a new software, the functionality to count the labels on your roll, and a few other trivial features.

It also requires you to use DYMO's proprietary brand of labels to operate.

If the DYMO Brand labels were competitively priced, reliably supplied, and carried the variety of options that every business needs, then that would be fine. However, chances are you are reading this article because you know that their labels are not...

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