Laboratory Labels

Labels for Laboratories

Laboratory labels are vital to maintaining an organized and professional lab environment. Our high-quality labeling options are specifically engineered to meet the daily demands of a lab environment and its equipment. LabelValue's lab-focused products feature great durability, come in a variety of options, and will stay applied throughout the lifespan of your samples.

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Blank Printer Labels For Equipment & Testing

Labels for Equipment

Blank Printer Labels For Equipment & Testing

Our large inventory of printer ready labels are great for labeling a multitude of items in the lab. Label everything from lab samples to equipment with ease.

  • Increased Organization & Productivity: Print labels on demand in a variety of sizes specific to your lab's needs. Create and save templates for information commonly required. Print one label or hundreds easily, with the press of a button.
  • Variety of Materials & Adhesives: LabelValue manufactures a large selection of labels with numerous options for both materials and adhesives, to meet your laboratory's specific needs.

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Laboratory Communication Labels

Effectively communicate specimen and test expectations across the entire lab with our communication-focused labels. Track sample needs, receiving & shipping, and results quickly.

  • Temperature Range: Adhesive temperature range of -65 to 220 Fahrenheit.
  • Bright Fluorescent Colors: Effective labeling solutions to ensure recognition, tracking, and communication of testing and samples in a laboratory environment.

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Laboratory Communication Labels

Lab Communication Labels

Safety, Hazard & Infectious Lab Labels

Hazardous Warning Labels for Laboratories

Safety, Hazard & Infectious Lab Labels

Safety and hazard labels are critical in ensuring all containers are labeled accurately. Helpful in avoiding accidents or injury related to reagents and hazardous materials.

  • BioSafety Level Labels: Keep your lab compliant with Biosafety level 1, 2, 3 and 4 labels.
  • Manufactured for Labs: Designed to withstand tough medical environments with a medical grade adhesive that ranges from -65 to 220 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Custom Laboratory Labels

Create custom printed labels specific to your lab's unique needs. Shop our large selection of custom label sizes, materials, and shapes that are perfect for a variety of lab uses.

  • Increase Professionalism: Include your laboratory's logo, company name or contact information directly on labels. .
  • Unique Instructions & Processes: Develop labeling systems that are specific to your laboratory's processes and needs. Browse our large selection of customizable label options.

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Custom Laboratory Labels

Custom Printed Laboratory Options

Quality Control Lab Labels

Laboratory Quality Control Labels

Quality Control Lab Labels

Verify all processes and procedures are being followed correctly with our line of Quality Control labels for the lab. Manage inventory, classifications, storage of lab components & chemicals, and more.

  • Communicate Important Information: Ensure samples and equipment are handled properly and to required specification with Quality Control labels.
  • Increased Visibility: Our labels feature bright fluorescent colors to aid in the identification of important instructions.

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