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Is White Considered A Print Color?

Is white Ink a printing color

Is white considered a printing color?

Yes white is considered a color. Why do you need the white ink layer

You need the white layer anytime you are printing clear or metallic labels. Custom labels that use metallic, or clear will need a white layer. 

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Make Valentines Day Labels For Your Family and Friends

Valentines Day Labels For Your Family and Friends

Valentines Day Heart Stickers

What better gift than to give our Valentine's day stickers to friends and family?

Valentine's Day is a holiday that is celebrated on February 14th each year. It is a day when people express their love and affection for one another. Stickers are a popular way to add an extra touch of personalization to Valentine's Day gifts and decorations.

One of the benefits of using stickers for Valentine's Day is that they come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. Heart-shaped stickers, in particular, are a popular choice for this holiday, as they add a romantic touch to cards and gifts. Additionally, stickers with romantic sayings, such as "I Love You" or "Be Mine," can help convey feelings of love and affection.

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How Do I Get An Exact Color Match For My labels?

Can I send in something for you to color match on press?

How do I get an exact color match for labels?

This can be done two ways, With a press match, or by using Pantone colors.

A press proof match is when a label company prints your labels to match the sample you provided.  

Do you need your custom labels to be an exact color? Tell your label printer you want a press match to your current label colors. Another option is to use pantone colors. Pantone colors ensure that your color is the same on labels, packaging, boxes and any other printed packaging materials. 

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