Digital Label Printing

Custom digital label printing allows you to print what you want, when you want, and how you want. The unique capabilities that only digital label printing has to offer allow you to solve counterfeiting problems, engage in targeted, immersive marketing, or print variable data with any type of sequence, image or barcode.

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Digital label printing flexibility

Print Only What You Want

With digital printing, you can eliminate lengthy minimum runs and long turnaround times, allowing you to dramatically reduce inventory, obsolescence, and excess inventory risk by only printing what you need.


Print Exactly When You Want

Align your label printing with your production schedule or marketing calendar with the flexibility of digital printing. Without minimums and lengthy lead times, you can be responsive to the market. Time your production runs to better suit your business needs, marketing campaigns, and seasonality.

Print Precisely How You Want

With precise color matching and up to 7 color printing, the ability to print on a variety of unique substrates, incredible image quality, and perfect registration, your labels will look exactly how you want them to look - or maybe even better.


Security & Brand Protection

As more business is conducted online then ever before, counterfeiting is becoming a real problem. Our digital press has capabilities like microtext, mini QR codes, and invisible ink that we can incorporate into your labels to ensure authenticity throughout the supply chain.

Unlimited Variable Printing

From sequential numbering to fully unique designs on every label, digital printing allows you to solve problems and connect with audiences in ways never before possible.

Are you a small to medium sized business, tax-exempt organization, or healthcare provider? If so, we think you'll love working with us. Our best clients are small to medium sized businesses in the food, beverage, or beauty product industries. We also work well with tax-exempt organizations and healthcare providers, as we have unique capabilities that can add value to organizations beyond simply supplying labels.


Douglas S.

I was looking for a reasonably priced , simple 1” label to add to my new card decks. And I needed the labels quickly! These guys came through With flying colors! I was able to design my label easily, place the order , and received the order (in Oregon from Florida) in just a few days. Great service! I’m about to place another order!


April R.
Community Resources, Inc.

The labels we ordered were very high quality with a great price and wonderful service and caring people ready to help. Thanks to you all for your assistance on getting the labels we needed. I highly recommend the LabelValue Company for any labeling needs. Will definitely order from this company again.

More About Custom Digital Label Printing

With digital label printing, the options for customization, affordability, and flexibility are unmatched. When compared to traditional offset or flexographic label printing methods, the advantage is clear. While runs at great lengths are more cost-effective on these traditional printing methods, they are very rigid and allow very little control over version changes or other adaptations. Additionally, custom digital label printing provides access to intricate serialization, variable numbering, and even variable designs that can be used for everything from social media campaigns to locking down your supply chain. Microtext, hidden QR codes, invisible ink, and 1-to-1 personalization are not possible in any way on traditional printing presses. That's why digital label printing is the smart choice for today's ever-changing marketplace.

Does your artwork contain high resolution imagery? Do you want to be able to print white ink on a non-white substrate? Would you like an affordable way to print metallic or shiny looking artwork? Digital label printing can handle all of these use cases and more. By printing with stunning clarity and perfect registration, images have never looked as stunning as they do when our digital printing presses print your labels. Our clients utilize a wide range of specialty non-white label substrates to showcase the contents of their packaging or create eye-catching metallic hues. With us, there's no up-charge for these services. It's part of the value-add package that we want to deliver to you. Our prices may not always be the best, but our services and customer service is unmatched. Not sure yet? Just ask us for a reference from one of our thousands of amazing clients. We're confident that we will earn your business each and every time.