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What is label wind?

What Is Label Wind?

Label Wind: The Key to Perfect Label Application!

Getting labels on your products should be a breeze, right? Well, the secret to smooth label application is knowing about 'label wind'—basically, it's how your labels come off the roll.

There are two parts to this:

1. Inside vs. Outside Wind: Is your sticker face visible right away (outside wind), or is the roll showing just the backing paper first (inside wind)? For the majority of our clients, outside wind is the most commonly used.

2. Orientation: When your label roll starts to unwind, which part of the label peels off first? It could be the top, bottom, right side, or left side.

Why Does Label Unwind Matter for Custom Labels?

If you use a machine to apply your labels on your products, it's going to need the labels to come off the roll in a very particular way. Put simply, it wants the labels to not just be wound correctly but to also be facing the right direction. If they're not, your machine might get a case of the hiccups, and nobody wants that!

Finding The Perfect Label Unwind Application:

Before ordering your labels, have a look at your label machine applicator guide or chat with the manufacturer. They'll clue you in on the perfect wind orientation combo for seamless application.

If you're instead hand applying, it really comes down to the preferences of your application team, and what makes the most sense for your products.

And if you're scratching your head over all this, no worries! We're just a call away at 800 750-7764. Let's get your labels rolling out flawlessly!