Brother Desktop Label Printers

Unleash the power of Brother brand Desktop Label Printers - compact, high-quality, and feature-packed devices designed for versatility. Ideal for diverse tasks like address labels, envelopes, visitor badges, and product labeling, they cater to home, business, and office requirements. These reliable printers offer up to 300 DPI, wireless capabilities, and more, including the ability to quickly and effectively print barcodes.

Compatible with LabelValue's wide range of direct thermal label options, they efficiently print labels up to 4 inches wide, perfect for shipping and postage labels. Elevate your labeling experience with Brother Desktop Label Printers today!

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  1. Brother 4" Direct Thermal Desktop Label Printer - 300dpi, 6ips Print Speed - TD4550DNWB
    Brother 4" Direct Thermal Desktop Label Printer - 300dpi, 6ips Print Speed - TD4550DNWB
    • Item# TD4550DNWB
    • 300dpi direct thermal print technology
    • Print up to 4" wide labels at 6 inches/second
    • Connect easily with Wi-Fi, Ethernet LAN, Bluetooth MFi protocol, USB 2.0, and RS232C serial interfaces
    list price $635.00
    Free shipping in the USA
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Shop Brother Desktop Label Printers

Known for their exceptional quality, versatility, and ease of operation, Brother printers are ideal for a variety of settings from home offices to commercial enterprises. Brother Label Printers are equipped to handle all your labeling requirements effectively and efficiently.

High-Quality Printing

Brother Label Printers set the standard for creating high-resolution, crisp, and clear labels, making them perfect for a vast array of applications like mailing, inventory management, and more. Expect your labels to withstand the elements, resist fading, and maintain their integrity even against chemicals.


The wide variety of label sizes and types that Brother Desktop Label Printer can handle ensures that whether for filing, shipping, barcoding, or retail uses, there's a Brother printer that’s right for your needs. Embrace the flexibility to produce custom-sized labels or rely on pre-sized ones for consistency in your tasks.

Ease of Use

Brother Labelers are designed with intuitive interfaces and support plug-and-play functionality, making label design and printing accessible to users of all skill levels.


Enhance your printing setup with multiple connectivity options offered by Brother Label Printers, including USB, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. The ability to print from mobile devices adds a layer of convenience and adaptability to your workflow.


The use of thermal printing technology means Brother Labelers help save on ink or toner costs over time, offering an economical solution for businesses that require regular label printing.

Reliability and Support

Brother Printers are not only built to last but also supported by comprehensive customer service, ensuring that your investment is secure and maintained.

Integration and Software

With powerful software solutions, Brother ensures that their printers integrate smoothly with various systems, providing efficient printing capabilities that meet modern demands.

Can I Use Third-Party Labels with Brother Label Printers?

For optimal performance and quality, it is recommended to use labels that are guaranteed to be compatible, such as those offered by LabelValue. LabelValue brand labels are specifically designed to match the quality and specifications of Brother printers, ensuring smooth operation and high-quality prints.

Are Brother Desktop Label Printers Suitable for High-Volume Printing?

Yes, Brother Desktop Label Printers are engineered to handle high volumes of printing efficiently. Their designs focus on meeting the demands of businesses that require frequent label printing, offering speed, efficiency, and reliability.

What Types of Labels Can I Print with Brother Label Printers?

Brother Label Printers are compatible with a wide range of label types, including shipping labels, barcode labels, name badges, and more. Brother's exceptional compatibility allows for an almost limitless amount of custom-sized label options, providing flexibility across different labeling tasks.

LabelValue Brand Labels: Optimized for Brother Label Printers

At LabelValue, we prioritize quality and compatibility, ensuring our LabelValue brand labels work seamlessly with Brother Desktop Label Printers. Choose LabelValue for high-quality printing results, durable labels, and a cost-effective solution that complements your Brother Printer perfectly.

Whether you're evaluating which model best suits your needs, considering the cost of maintenance, or ensuring system compatibility, Brother Label Printers, backed by LabelValue's commitment to quality, offer a compelling solution for all your labeling projects.

Discover the ideal Brother Printer for your needs today and see how combining it with LabelValue brand labels can optimize your labeling process, ensuring high-quality results and unmatched efficiency.