New DYMO 550 LabelWriter Series: Everything You Need To Know

On October 1, DYMO brand announced the newest generation of their popular LabelWriter desktop direct thermal label printers. With the new series comes a few important changes that you should be aware of - particularly if you have purchased replacement non-DYMO brand compatible labels in the past.

What Are The Differences Between DYMO 550 and 450 LabelWriter Printers?

The biggest difference between the DYMO 550 Series from the 450 Series is that the 550 Series is a "locked down" printer. This means that there is proprietary technology in the DYMO 550 Series Printers that prevents everything except for DYMO brand authentic labels to work with the software/printer.

Another difference is that the software will automatically detect the label roll being used. It will change the template to the label size in the printer, and it will also count the number of labels that are remaining on the roll. DYMO refers to this as Automatic Label Recognition™. 

Finally, the 550 Series is up to 20% faster than the 450 Series printers. Beyond these changes and a slight design update that includes Power, Label Forward, and Label Backward buttons, there are not any other major differences from the 450 Series.

Can I Use Compatible Labels in the Dymo Labelwriter 550 Printer?

At this time, no, only DYMO Authentic Labels can be used in the DYMO 550 Series Printers. DYMO has integrated proprietary technology in the 550 series printers that will not allow for the use of compatible labels at this time.

What Do I Do If DYMO Doesn't Offer My Label Type/Size/Material?

If you have a label size that is regarded as "custom" by DYMO, at this time we do not have a solution. "Custom" sizes, materials, colors, and adhesives are any label type that is not manufactured by DYMO. The full list of DYMO manufactured labels can be found here. Non-DYMO Authentic labels will not work with the 550 Series due to the new technology that detects the type of label that is inserted into the machine. If you currently order a size, shape, color, adhesive, or custom printed label for your DYMO LabelWriter 450, you will not be able to continue using the same labels with a 550 series printer at this time.

We are currently working on a solution to this issue, as many of our customers currently use what DYMO considers to be custom labels.

What Are Alternative Options To The DYMO 550 Series?

While DYMO LabelWriter printers are a popular label making machine due to their ease of use, low price point, and versatility, since there are now limited label options available that will work in the printer, you may need to consider an alternative.

Here is a selection of recommended Direct Thermal printer alternatives that LabelValue manufactures compatible direct thermal labels for, saving you potentially much more money over the life of your printer than having to buy expensive printer-brand labels.

LabelValue Labels

Seiko SLP620

Rollo Printer Zebra Shipping Label Printer TSC TDP-225 Printer Bixolon XD5-40 Printer
Printer Model

Seiko SLP 620

Rollo Shipping Label Printer Zebra ZD220 TSC TDP-225 Bixolon XD5-40

Minimum Print Width

N/A 1.57" 1" N/A 0.59"

Maximum Print Width

1.89" 4.1" 4.09" 2" 4.25"

Print Speed

70 mm/sec 150 mm/sec 102 mm/sec 127 mm/sec 177 mm/sec

Print From Excel & Word

Yes With Additional Software Purchase Yes


With Additional Software Purchase

Software Included

Yes - Smart Label Software Yes Yes Yes - Bartender Yes

Core Size(s)

1" N/A - No Built-In Label Holder 0.5", 1", 1.5" 1" & 1.5"  1" or 1.5"

Label Holder

Small Internal with Large Roll Add-On External Add-On Only Internal - 5" Max OD Internal - 5" Max OD Internal - 5" Max OD


USB USB USB  USB, Serial Ethernet/USB/Serial/Parellel


$85-$95 $179 $339.95 $349.97 $319.95


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