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How to Make Custom Stickers

Are you looking for a label company to print your custom stickers? If you are searching for a label company near me look no more. LabelValue can print your custom stickers and ship them anywhere in the country.

Label printing is a very niche process. It requires special label printing machines and die cutters. But you dont need any of this to make custom stickers online. Currently, many custom stickers are ordered online by the phone and can be a very clunky slow process. This requires the customer to manually email in their artwork and answer questions via email. In this back and forth process it is very easy to create mistakes.

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Print QR code stickers

Print Custom QR Code Stickers For Restaurant Menus

Are you wondering how to make a QR code sticker? We have the solution. As a QR label printer we can print many different qr codes on stickers. Make and Print QR code stickers directly on our website and have them shipped to your door.

Need some QR code ideas? Check out 15 QR code ideas for your stickers here. 

The QR Code (Quick Response code) was Invented in 1994 By Deno Wave, a subsidiary of Toyota. The QR code is a variation of the barcode. It was designed to be a machine-read optical label. Printed qr codes on stickers can help your customers interact with your brand more. For example, you can make QR code sending customers to your restaurant menu on your website. Or you can send customers to a youtube video from your youtube channel.




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Custom Printed Beer Labels

Get Custom Beer Can Labels Printed in Tampa, Florida

Get Custom Beer Can Labels Printed in Tampa, Florida

Tampa, Florida - LabelValue, a label company in Florida is proud to announce our beer can label printing services at our new facility.

Printing custom beer labels is one of our specialties here. LabelValue can print and apply your beer can labels in Tampa Florida. Printing custom labels since 2005, we can print a variety of custom beer labels.

Founded in 2005, we got our start in the early days of internet e-commerce. LabelValue’s purpose in those days was to provide an easy online checkout experience for purchasing stickers. We could only imagine how far the brand would grow.

We can also print custom shrink sleeve labels for beer cans. We print custom beer labels for large and small craft breweries. You can upload your artwork directly onto our website and get instant pricing. Or you can work with one of our label designers to create your custom label artwork. Our digtal label printers are top of the line and will make your custom product labels look amazing.

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Weatherproof stickers for service labels

How To Make Weatherproof Stickers For Outside

Weatherproof stickers are one of LabelValue's best sellers. Below we will show you how to make custom weatherproof service stickers.

These popular weatherproof stickers help many companies label items outdoors. These durable service stickers will have customers calling back with an easy to read phone number. Add your custom message and logo to these custom labels.

Weatherproof Service Stickers

Outside stickers must be durable to resist the weather. Harsh conditions outside require a durable weatherproof sticker. The brushed silver polyester is weather resistant and also tear-resistant. You can also use these labels indoors on air condition units in attics, propane tanks, garage doors, rental machines, vending machines, and industrial equipment.


Custom Service Stickers

Service stickers keep customers calling you back when there is a repair or maintenance needed. Simply add these service stickers where needed to remind customers who did the work. Dont risk your customers calling another company because you didnt have serivce labels with your phone number on them. These service stickers are a simple yet a very powerful sales technique to increase your business revenue. Get custom service labels printed with your logo, phone number and information today.

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How To Make The best Product Labels

How To Make The Best Product Labels

So you have just finished creating your new product and now you need labels. You have come to the right place! LabelValue can help you print your custom labels. Our Custom product labels are printed by the most advanced equipment. Some of our label equipment includes our digital label makers. Our digital label printing machines can print small runs of 500 labels, or over 1,000,000 custom labels! or even more! Whatever label you need we can print it.

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Will Marijuana Product Labels Get Standardized?

Since Colorado and Washington have legalized recreational marijuana in 2012 there have been many new cannabis laws. The most recent potential law in discussion is about standard marijuana product labels. “Our findings suggest that the prevailing labeling system is not an effective or safe way to provide information about these products,” said co-author Brian Keegan, An assistant professor of science at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Why? Because labeling marijuana as indica, sativa, or hybrid does not show the full picture of what it contains inside. A test sample of 90,000 marijuana products across 6 different states found that consumers know little about the marijuana they are purchasing.


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5 Amazing Facts About Private Label Products

Private label brand sales have hit $199 million in 2021.

Today it's not uncommon to see a manufacturing company that is also selling their products to private label. This means they are selling their products to other companies who private label their own sticker onto the product. This has become popular for the cosmetics industry.

So why so much hype about private label products? What is the main advantage to private labels on products? Private label products allow you to focus more on selling the product and promoting it, rather than manufacturing it.

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Walmart & Kohls Sued For Incorrect Product Labels

Superstore's Sued For Incorrect Product Labels

Bamboo woven fabric is known to be breathable, soft, durable and eco friendly. But some Walmart customers who purchased these "naturally" bamboo woven fabric sheets may have been lied to.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently filed a lawsuite against Walmart and Kohls for falsley advertising sheets, towels pillowcases and other products as made with bamboo fiber, according to the Wall Street Journal. 

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