Flexible Packaging

 Flexible Packaging Packages

Why Choose A Zippered Pouch For Your Products?

Custom Zippered Stand up pouches

Did you change your packaging from custom labels to Stand up pouches?

Or maybe your wondering why should I choose a custom flexible stand up pouch for my products?

A zipper pouch is a smart packaging solution for food, snacks, oils, or liquids.

Zipper pouch flexible packaging will help keep your products fresher. Many food companies are consolidating their containers and labels into flexible packaging. 

Small zipper pouches are the perfect on-the-go food or snack product. This is because a small zipper pouch is easy to carry in your backpack or purse.

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What Is A Copacker? Co Packers & Labels

What is a Co Packer

If you buy custom labels or flexible packaging you are familiar with copackers. If you are not we will discuss what is a copacker. Do you need stand up pouches and flexible packaging for your products

What Is A Copacker?

A copacker is a company that packages products for companies. The co packing business will usually have their own co packing facility. Copackers help bring products to the market by filling flexible packages, containers, cans, and bottles. 

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The Advantage Of Single Serve Flexible Packaging Packets

Single serve packets are a popular packaging choice for many food, beverage and cosmetic products. Single-serve packets are simple for your customers to consume because they are slim, lightweight, convenient, and easy to carry. These flexible packets are durable and shipped on ready to fill rolls. All your co-packer needs to do is put the rolls onto the machine and start filling! 

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LabelValue Joins The Flexible Packaging Market

LabelValue Joins The Flexible Packaging Market

Tampa, Florida - LabelValue, a custom manufacturer of custom product labels, stickers, and shrink sleeve labels will soon join the flexible packaging market.

This allows LabelValue to offer many customers a one stop shopping experience for private labels, custom stickers, flexible packaging, and shrink sleeve labels. The flexible packaging market contains products like pouch bags, flexible pouches, and flexible bags.  These are the main types of flexible pouches.


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