Shrink On Cans

Shrink sleeved cans are the most effective way for any size brewery to super-charge their canning operations. They're also ideal for short-run or seasonal brews, due to the low 778 can minimum order size (3 layers).

Shrink sleeves are printed custom to your order. After our in-house can application, the sleeved cans are delivered to you on pallets, ready to fill.

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New Pricing!

12oz & 16oz SLEEVED CANS

LabelValue is excited to introduce new standard pricing for our 12oz and 16oz shrink sleeves on cans. By introducing new production efficiencies and negotiating better material pricing, we are now able to provide our same exceptional service at a competitive price for you.

12oz Sleeved Can Prices

4,668+ Cans: $0.35/Can
93,360+ Cans: $0.28/Can
9,336+ Cans: $0.315/Can
204,225+ Cans: $0.275/Can
23,340+ Cans: $0.29/Can
408,405+ Cans: $0.27/Can
46,680+ Cans: $0.285/Can
612,675+ Cans: $0.265/Can

*Price does not include dunnage or freight

16oz Sleeved Can Prices

3,890+ Cans: $0.40/Can
77,800+ Cans: $0.345/Can
7,780+ Cans: $0.37/Can
155,600+ Cans: $0.34/Can
19,450+ Cans: $0.355/Can
311,200+ Cans: $0.335/Can
38,900+ Cans: $0.35/Can
466,800+ Cans: $0.33/Can

*Price does not include dunnage or freight

12oz Sleek Sleeved Can Prices

4,136+ Cans: $0.38/Can
93,264+ Cans: $0.315/Can
8,272+ Cans: $0.36/Can
198,528+ Cans: $0.31/Can
16,544+ Cans: $0.34/Can
33,088+ Cans: $0.32/Can

*Price does not include dunnage or freight


Printed. Applied. Delivered.

The shrink sleeved can process is simple. Place your order, and we do the rest. We digitally print your 360 degree graphics, apply the sleeves in-house, and then deliver 12oz or 16oz shrink sleeved cans to your brewery on pallets ready to fill.

Premium Shrink Sleeves

Digitally printed shrink sleeves remove the need to worry about limited colors, trappings, or screenings. What you see in your art file is what you get, with superior detail and print quality.

variable design printing

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Make It With MOSAIC!

With digitally printed 16oz or 12oz shrink on cans, you can print every sleeve unique. This capability opens a world of product marketing opportunity. We'd love to work with you on creating a MOSAIC variable design project with your shrink on cans for your next cause or event.


Minimums, Sizes, & Templates

We carry both 12oz and 16oz standard 211 brite aluminum cans. For either 16oz or 12oz shrink sleeved cans, the minimum order is only 1,945 cans. That's just 5 pallet layers. Ready to get started? Size your art using our shrink on cans templates and get a price quote today.

16oz Shrink Sleeve Can
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Save Time & Money with Local Pickup

If your brewery is located in or around Tampa Bay, we offer free local pickup. Save hundreds on freight, and days in transit. Ask for a tour of our new facility while you're here as well!

Why Choose LabelValue?

  • 50+ Years Combined Print Experience
  • Low Order Minimums
  • Premium Clear PET-G Heat Shrink Material
  • Timely Turnaround
  • Applied to Standard Ball Cans
  • Moisture and Abrasion Resistant
  • Delivered on Fully-Protected Pallets of 389/Cans Per Layer
  • State-of-the-Art Digital Printing Presses
  • Climate-Controlled Digital Press Room
  • Metallic Knockout Capability
  • Zipper Perforation Available
  • Crisp, Vibrant Print
  • Variable Data and Design Capabilities
  • Print Security and Anti-Counterfeit Options
  • Unique Micro QR Codes
  • Quality Assurance at Every Step
  • Free Local Pick-up

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Our Shrink on Can Clients

Are you a brewery that has a canning line? If so, we think you'll love working with us. Our best clients are small to medium sized businesses in the food and beverage industries. With our full-service shrink sleeved cans, graphic design, marketing services and more, breweries love the flexibility, quality, and value-adds that we deliver.

Cigar City Brewing
Coppertail Brewing
St. John Brewers

More About Our Shrink Sleeved Cans Services

We know how important flexibility is in the craft beverage industry. Things can change for your brewery in a flash. We are a shrink sleeve provider that emphasizes being responsive and providing world-class service to our clients. With our portfolio of digital printing capabilities, the possibilities for your product packaging are nearly unlimited. With accurate color matching, vivid image detail, and crisp line-art, your shrink sleeved cans will look amazing. Our marketing and design teams have decades of experience as well, and can help you either create your artwork or discuss strategies that can help your product be a success.

Our SPLASH variable design printing capabilities allow you to make a truly unique experience with your shrink sleeves. A well-planned and executed variable design campaign can help your products and brand connect with your clients and audience in a very powerful way. We love working with clients to come up with ideas about events, causes, or seasonal ideas that can leverage the power of 1-to-1 product marketing and tell your brand's story through unique custom shrink sleeves on cans. Contact us if you'd like to collaborate on a SPLASH variable design project, or just want to learn more about how it all works.