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Is White Considered A Print Color?

Is white Ink a printing color

Is white considered a printing color? Or maybe your wondering How to print white ink on clear labels?

Yes white is considered a color. Why do you need the white ink layer

You need the white layer anytime you are printing clear or metallic labels. Custom labels that use metallic or clear label material will need a white layer. 

The white layer is required when printing clear and metallic labels. White is often used as the background color of clear labels to make other colors and text stand out more clearly.

Click the link above to learn how to create a white ink layer in photoshop. White layers will be custom for each design. 

White Layer For Clear Labels

Printing clear labels can offer several advantages over other types of labels, depending on your specific needs and preferences. Clear labels can create a clean, modern look that showcases your product or packaging. They can also make your product stand out on store shelves or in other settings, as the transparency of the label allows consumers to see the product inside.Whether you're looking to create a clean, modern look or to showcase the product inside the packaging, clear labels can help you achieve your goals.

clear product labels

White ink is printed on the clear label material first. Next the label company will print the rest of your graphics over the white. The parts of the label printed on the white will not be clear.  

White Ink Layer for Metallic Labels 

Or white can be used as the background color of metallic labels to make them print non-metallic. The areas that dont print white on the label will show metallic. 

Metallic labels can create a distinctive and eye-catching appearance that really stands out on store shelves. The metallic finish can create a sense of luxury that can help your products shine and stand out from the competition. The use of metallic labels can make your products look more valuable and premium, which can increase their perceived value in the eyes of consumers. This can make it easier to command higher prices and can help your products stand out in crowded markets.

White ink is printed on the metallic material first. Next the label company will print the rest of your graphics over the white. The places on the label that are printed with white will not be metallic. This will be the regular part of your label. The parts not in white will show metallic. 

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