Artwork FAQ

Top 6 Mistakes Designing Artwork For Custom Labels 

6 custom labels artwork mistakes

Custom labels are an investment for your business, so you will want to maximize this opportunity all you can. You can do this with awesome custom label artwork. And you can take it to the next level by choosing an awesome material.  

When consumers are looking at your custom labels in the stores they are seeing your artwork first. Next they see your custom label. When your custom labels are in stores you want to make sure there are no errors or mistakes. Mistakes on your custom label artwork do not look good for your brand. 

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The Benefits of Logo Versatility: how to design a great logo for all of your labels & marketing materials

Oftentimes when we receive artwork for custom labels, we notice that brand's pigeon-hole themselves into a conflicted design or confusing color scheme in order to retain their original logo's characteristics....

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