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How To Clean Your DYMO LabelWriter Sensor

How To Clean Your DYMO Problems printing

Do you have dymo labelwriter 450 printing problems?

Dymo labels can get stuck in the dymo 450 label printer. 

Dymo labelwriter 450 problems are not common, but can happen. If you have Dymo 450 labelwriter problems printing you will want to read this guide to fix it.  

Dymo label printers are very reliable direct thermal label printers. Sometimes these label printers will glitch and cause problems. In this guide we will show you how to clean your Dymo 450 Lablel printer. Some common Dymo 450 labelwriter problems printing are with blank labels, skipping labels, roll out of alignment, or streaks on the labels.  


  1. Turn off the Dymo label printer, Open the lid and remove the Dymo labels.
  2. Lift the drive roller and check for any adhesive on it.
  3. Pull forward on the label release lever and make sure the sensor is clean. If the Dymo sensor is dirty use a dental floss pick or q-tip to gently clean it. 
  4. If the Sensor is still Damaged you might need to contact Dymo for a warranty. 

Once finished put the label printer back together and print a test run of labels to see if your Dymo cleaning worked.