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How To Print Candle Jar Labels with your Dymo Printer

Candle Jar Labels Printed With A Dymo Label Printer

Did you just start a candle company? If so you might want to know that Approximately 35% of candle sales occur during the Christmas/Holiday season. Non-seasonal business.

If you did you will need candle labels. Or maybe you just need some candle-label ideas. This blog article should help jumpstart your brain for some creative candle-label ideas. 

Are you learning how to make labels for candles? This guide will show you how to print candle labels at home. Learn how to make a simple candle label at home with a Dymo printer. The labels used in the image above are paper Dymo 30258 labels. If you choose this size please make sure it will fit your candle jar. 

Winter is the perfect time for candles. A candle can add a fresh scent to your room, along with a little bit of heat. Who doesn't like a little bit of heat in the winter? Today we will show you how to print affordable candle labels for your candle company. Shout out to our customer who gave us this idea! 

Affordable Candle Labels 

This blog will show you how to print custom candle labels at home with your Dymo printer. These candle labels are perfect for a candle label company that is just starting. Build your brand up first with these affordable candle labels. Later you can buy custom candle labels in full color. See below for more information.

Custom Dymo Candle Labels 

Custom dymo candle labels

This is what the finished candle label will look like.

Printed in one color black, as this is the only color a Dymo label printer can print in. if you want full color labels see below on our custom label printing. Printing custom labels with a Dymo label printer is very simple. Simply buy the dymo label sizes you need. You can choose a paper material or a polypropylene material. Once your dymo labels arrive load them into your Dymo label printer.  

  1. Buy Dymo labels that will fit your jar
  2. Load them into your Dymo label printer
  3. Design the custom candle label with the Dymo software
  4. Click print! 

Info to include. Your custom candle label should include the name of your company as well as address, phone number and website on the back label. You should include the weight, burn time and name of that candle’s scent. You may also want to include instructions to ensure that the candle is used safely. Below is your checklist to make sure you have all or most of this information printed on your labels. 

  • Name of your company
  • Company logo (if you have one)
  • Company address
  • phone
  • website
  • candle weight
  • burn time
  • Candle scent

Custom Candle Labels

Maybe 1 color black candle label dont work for you? Maybe you want more color on your labels.  If you are interested in printing full-color candle labels we can help. With full color digital label printing you can add more depth to your labels with color. Make your candle labels more vivid with digital label printing.


Make Custom Candle Labels!