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The Ultimate Guide To Soap Bar Packaging & Labels

Labels for soap bars

Do you need bar soap labels and packaging? We will discuss bar soap labels and packaging in this article. 

Below are links to bar soap labels, boxes, and packaging. Along with some ideas to help jumpstart your marketing efforts. 

Artisan soaps have become very popular in the past years. This is because many people like artisan soap products. These bar soaps contain a wide range of unique scents and higher-quality ingredients.

Custom Bar Soap Labels 

Does your bar soap look like this? If so you will need soap bar labels. Keep reading and we will show you how to label bar soap. 

bar soap

If so it's time to fix that! In this article, we will review the different types of soap packaging ideas. You can package your soap in printed boxes, or soap boxes with labels. If you are just starting your soap company labels will be more cost-effective.

Let's find some soap packaging solutions. Dont worry, this guide should contain lots of information to help you get some bar soap label ideas. 

Bar Soap Labels On Boxes 

bar soap labels on boxes

Check out all the different types of soap boxes on Etsy. If you cannot find soap boxes you like there check soap boxes on Amazon.  Your Soap packaging is what the consumer will see on the store shelf before they buy, so it's important to have good packaging.

The benefit of using these soap boxes is that you just insert your soap and then add the label to the box. In seconds you have a finished product that is ready to sell in the stores. Some soap boxes might require you to fold them first. 

Bar Soap Labels & Packaging Ideas 

bar soap packaging

Bar soap labels might be one of the best packaging solutions for your soap company. This is because it's more cost-effective to start with in the beginning. It's simple to put the bar soap in a box and add the label on top of it. Another option is to use pre printed bar soap boxes. But this option is usually more expensive when compared to labels. This is one way how to make soap bar labels. 

A recent customer used simple Dymo labels for candle labels. This is also another option for your start up soap company. But remember these are only temporary labels. Any heat and these labels will turn black because they are direct thermal. 

I Have My Soap Boxes, Im Ready For Labels! 

bar soap labels for boxes

So you have your soap packaging and your ready for labels? Perfect! Check out our custom 1" circle stickers here. This is a very popular choice, or you can get custom 1.5" sticker circles if you need a larger label. Stick these bar soap labels directly onto the clear window of the box or onto the soap. Or you can wrap your box with labels. It just depends on your soap box design. 

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