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What Size Labels Work With The DYMO 550 Label Printer?

What Size Labels Work In My Dymo 550

There are many sizes that are available to print in the Dymo 550 LabelWriter printer. The Dymo LabelWriter 550 printers have a label print width range of 0.5" to 2.2", but the most popular labels are the address labels and the shipping labels which are used in businesses for a variety of tasks.

DYMO Brand 30252 labels are sized at 1.125” x 3.5” and are a very popular option. For a larger format label that works with the Dymo 550 label printer, many businesses prefer the DYMO Brand 30256 shipping labels which are sized at 2.3125 x 4”.

It is important to note that unlike the 450 series printers, the DYMO 550 Series LabelWriters can only be used with DYMO brand labels. You can shop the entire selection of DYMO brand labels here.

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How To Print Candle Jar Labels with your Dymo Printer

Candle Jar Labels Printed With A Dymo Label Printer

Did you just start a candle company? If so you might want to know that Approximately 35% of candle sales occur during the Christmas/Holiday season. Non-seasonal business.

you did you will need candle labels. Or maybe you just need some candle-label ideas. This blog article should help jumpstart your brain for some creative candle ideas. 


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What Labels Can I Use with the DYMO 550 Series Printers?

Dymo 550 Series Label Options

Does the Dymo 550 series printers support compatible labels?

No - you cannot use compatible labels anymore with DYMO's newly released 550 series printers.

You will now be required to use DYMO's proprietary brand labels with all newly released printers, past the 450 series.

Fortunately, though, there are still options available - at least for the time being. DYMO will continue to offer the DYMO 4XL desktop printer, which does not require the use of their "Automatic Label Recognition" system and proprietary labels. Using the 450 series, like the 4XL, over the 550 will allow you the option to continue to use a variety of LabelValue brand compatible labels at a fraction of the cost.

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