Print QR code stickers

Print Custom QR Code Stickers For Restaurant Menus

Are you wondering how to make a QR code sticker? We have the solution. As a QR label printer we can print many different qr codes on stickers. Make and Print QR code stickers directly on our website and have them shipped to your door. Order QR code stickers online today from Labelvalue. 

Need some QR code ideas? Check out 15 QR code ideas for your stickers here. 

The QR Code (Quick Response code) was Invented in 1994 By Deno Wave, a subsidiary of Toyota. The QR code is a variation of the barcode. It was designed to be a machine-read optical label. Printed qr codes on stickers can help your customers interact with your brand more. For example you can make QR code sending customers to your restaurant menu on your website. Or you can send customers to a youtube video from your youtube channel.

Do I Need A QR Code On My Stickers?

The short answer, is yes. It can always help. Where to print qr code stickers? At

But what would you need a QR code on labels for? Stickers with QR codes come in handy for many uses. Today we use QR codes on restaurant menus, custom labels, flyers and other printed materials. It lets anyone scan the qr code with their cellphone camera and automatically takes them to a specific website. QR code stickers can also redirect users to other online content like videos or pdfs.

Popular uses for qr codes on stickers are:

  • Restaurant menus
  • Video QR codes
  • Facebook QR codes
  • Review QR code
  • About us page qr codes

So How Do I Get QR Codes On Stickers?

You can use the Labelvalue qr code label maker. Our qr code label maker allows you to easily create qr codes on stickers fast. Simply click the QR code button and insert the website you want your customers to visit. 

Make Custom QR Code Stickers Online

qr codes on stickers

Make custom 2" x 1" qr code stickers here. Or make custom 1" circle qr code stickers here. Or Make custom 1.5" circles here. These custom qr code stickers come with 500 labels per roll. Printed in 1 color black ink only. Label printing in black ink only reduces costs for you the consumer. Choose any color label material like white, fluorescent, blue, green, orange, red, yellow and pink.

Full Color Custom Labels

Do you need another size? Or maybe vivid full color printed labels? Choose your label size and material.

Make full color custom labels any size here. Add a qr code to your label with our online label maker software. Get instant pricing on custom printed labels here. The options to fully customize your stickers is endless here.