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Top 4 Common Label Material Types

Popular Custom Sticker Materials

Each label material has a specific use depending on what you're doing with the label.

When printing custom labels there are many different options for label materials. Some of the most popular label materials are paper labels, plastic bopp labels, silver labels, metallic labels, and holographic labels. 

White Paper Labels

Paper coffee labels

White Paper labels are one of the most cost-effective labels. This is one of the best ways to get your labels printed if you dont need durable labels. Paper labels are the least durable option. If you want durable labels you will want to choose a bopp material. 

White Bopp Labels

Bopp labels

What is bopp? A White bopp label is another popular material. Also known as film labels. Bopp labels are made with a plastic film that is very durable.  And very hard to tear.    

Most consumers call bopp labels a film label. Another unofficial name for these labels is plastic labels. This is because the material is manufactured with Biaxially oriented polypropylene. Biaxially oriented polypropylene means the label material is stretched in two different directions, making the label very durable. 

These white film labels are popular with oil, cosmetic, beverage and drink products. This is because bopp labels are water resistance and moisture-resistant. Bopp is also non tearable. This makes the material hard to rip. Many customers will choose a non tear material so that their label cannot be destroyed easily.    

Silver Bopp Labels

Silver BOPP labels are a popular metallic label. A durable label with a shine! 

Silver BOPP labels

Silver bopp labels are durable and give a premium appearance. Add some excitement to your custom labels with silver bopp. These labels will shine on the shelf and help attract the consumer's eye. Silver bopp labels are also very durable and oil resistant. 

Golden Labels 

Gold labels
A variation of silver labels are gold labels and gold foil lables. You can simulate a a variety of gold appearances using yellow/brown colors on silver bopp material. There are also many pre-made true gold options made from golden material. Gold labels are very popular with high end products and luxury brands.

Kraft Labels

Kraft product labels

Kraft paper labels have become popular in recent years. The main reason is that they have a rustic look and feel for brands that place an emphasis on being natural. If your brand is environmentally focused, a kraft label may be a good fit for your products.

What Material Is Used For Labels? 

Ultimately, the best label material to use for your brand depends on the type of appearance you want for your products and brand. There are a variety of material options to suit many different personalities and audiences.

You can get started with your own custom labels online here or give us call 800 750-7764 today and we will help you find the best custom label solutions for your products. Our experienced team will help you find the best product labels.  

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