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Metallic Labels – Unique Ways To Utilize Metallic Label Material

metallic labels on cans

If you want to give your label a little more pop, a little more pizzazz then consider mixing things up with metallic label materials. These kinds of labels, and their variants—silver BOPP being the most well known—are metallized label materials that give packaging designs a high-end look that has been proven to captivate consumers. In the following article, we’ll do a rundown of the aesthetic qualities that make these label materials perfect for attracting the consumer eye.

Metallic Labels: Superior Quality and Design

So what’s with all the hubbub about metallic labels? Well first and foremost, they have an aesthetic quality that most other label materials just don’t have. That quality is, of course, its immense reflectivity. Reflectivity is, of course, highly coveted because of the way it interacts with those fluorescent lights that are commonly used in department and grocery stores. These label materials will reflect back the store lights with brilliance. Your future consumer, trailing the aisles, will have the sensation of a grand epiphany when they see your product gleaming in the aisle.

metallic label - color choices

If you’d like to get a bit more adventurous with your color palette, then you’re in luck. LabelValue has as wide a collection of colors as your neighborhood popsicle stand. Our expansive selection includes such delightful options as bronze, blue, gold, red, and of course, custom options. It’s important to note, however, that should you combine this metallic label material with white ink, the ink will lessen the paper’s shine making it appear like typical label paper. Nevertheless, the vast majority of colored inks will show up perfectly on your label paper.

We can allocate these colors to specific areas of the label design. If, for example, your label design features an alligator, and according to your brand materials that gator is orange, we can make it so that your printed label is a wonderful shining orange. Imagine a brilliant orange against a shining teal, or a luminescent blue or yellow against a silver background!

waterproof metallic labels

Metallic Silver BOPP Labels - Extremely Durable

LabelValue’s metallic label materials are resistant to water. This means you needn’t worry about condensation wearing down the surface and creating spider web fissures on your packaging art. What’s more, is there are consumer-friendly reasons for the waterproof quality as well. If the label is intended for a beverage that may need to be submerged in a cooler, or placed in a storage with particularly low temperatures, you can rest assured that the label won’t get all soggy and peel off.

Metallic labels are quite durable. As stated, metallic label materials are waterproof, but there’s so much more than that. This kind of label material is resistant to the damage that direct sun rays can inflict on traditionally used label papers. It is also resistant to direct exposure to oil. That’s because it is made of a tenacious material that can stand up against the wear and tear inherent to everyday product handling.

Metallic Labels vs. Cold Foil

Now, we know what you are thinking. The effect achieved by employing metallic labels sounds like the same effect achieved by cold foiling. Well, that’s a great observation, dear reader. Cold foiling involves applying luminous foil paper to various substrates. The ink is then placed on the foil. Aesthetically, the effect provided by cold foiling is similar to that afforded labels through the use of metallic paper. The difference is, however, that cold foiling is a much more expensive process. What’s more, the foil used in the process is a less than an ideal canvas for detailed art design. Label ink finds it difficult to show up clearly and cleanly on cold foil. Typically, label ink printed on cold foil, is devoid of intricate arrangements. See, cold-foil is just not the right material for showing all the details of a label design. Digitally printed metallic labels, on the other hand, will showcase the intricacies of your label design with the same precision as pixels.

Now that you have gotten the rundown, check out the following creative examples from other brands, and their marketing engineers!

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