The Advantage Of Single Serve Flexible Packaging Packets

The Advantage Of Single Serve Flexible Packaging Packets

Tampa, Florida LabelValue, A Tampa based Label company has joined the flexible packaging industry.

After moving to our new label printing facility, we are ready to offer our customers packaging solutions! 

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Single serve packets are a popular packaging choice for many food, beverage and cosmetic products. Single-serve packets are simple for your customers to consume because they are slim, lightweight, convenient, and easy to carry. These flexible packets are durable and shipped on ready to fill rolls. All your co-packer needs to do is put the rolls onto the machine and start filling! 

Single serve flexible packaging

Products that use Single Serve Packets: 

  • Foods and snacks
  • Pills
  • Capsules
  • Vitamins 
  • Cosmetics
  • Lotions
  • Food bars
  • Gels
  • Powders
  • Liquids
  • Soaps 
  • Hair products 

These products can all be in stick packets. Stick packets are mini flexible packages made for one time use. Or they can be regular-sized flexible packaging. 

Benefits Of Single Serve Packets

Single server flexible packaging

The advantage of single server flexible packets is that you can promote a new product with a sample. This makes stick packets a clever marketing tool. With the small size they can be easily transported. You can pass out samples at a tradeshow.

Give out samples at your discretion, or attach the sample to another piece of sales material like a quote. Include single-serve packets into gift bags, swag bags, welcome bags and thank you gifts. 

But before you get to this step you will first need to find a copacker in your area who can fill the packets. 

Co-Packer Information & Packaging Equipment 

product co packers

To fill your product you will need to find a copacker. Depending on the co packer capabilities they can fill your products in containers or flexible packaging.

To fill single serve packets your copacker will need a form-fill-seal machine (FFS). A copacker can fill your packets with your product depending on their machine. It's best to find a local copacker to make life more simple. This can also keep costs down with transportation. Contact us if you need suggestions on local copackers in your area. 

HFFS or VFFS Equipment? What Should You Use?

Flexible Packaging Materials and Costs

At Labelvalue you can choose different materials like paper or film depending on the product, the use, budget and design. Paper is more cost-effective than film. The advantage is that film is more durable, but also more expensive than paper.

The disadvantage is that paper is cheaper, and also less durable.  If you are using flexible packaging for food please let us know so we can quote you a material that is safe for direct food contact. 

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