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Do Dymo Label Printers Need Ink? How Do They Work?

how do Dymo label printers work

Do dymo label printers need ink? and how do Dymo label printers work? 

Dymo label printers do not need ink. This is because the dymo label printer uses a heat-activated chemical reaction to print labels. When the print head touches the label it prints/transfers the artwork onto your label. This means that you will never need to refill your dymo label printer with ink or toner.

Dymo label printers uses a thermal print head that heats up, then marks the paper and (transfers) the specific image or text onto the label. 

Direct Thermal Printers

Dymo label printers do not use ink or toners to print labels. Direct thermal label printers like Dymo, Zebra, Datamax, Citizen, Bixolon and others use a technology called direct thermal printing to produce temporary high-quality labels for indoors quickly and efficiently. These are called Direct thermal labels, and are compatible with direct thermal label printers. 

Dymo label printers use direct thermal printing technology. The printer contains a direct thermal print head, which consists of a row of tiny heating elements. The print head selectively heats up specific areas of the label material, causing a chemical reaction. The chemical reaction printed is your label design. 

How Do Direct Thermal Labels & Thermal Print Heads Work?

Direct Thermal Paper Labels for Dymo label printers use specially designed thermal paper or labels that are heat-sensitive. The labels are coated with a layer of heat-sensitive material, usually a combination of chemicals such as leuco dyes, which is a chemical that changes color with heat, and other chemical developers. Direct thermal print heads usually last the lifetime of the label printer.

Heat Activated Printing - No Ink, No Toners 

When the thermal print head heats up specific areas of the label, the heat-sensitive coating reacts and changes color. The heated areas turn black, creating the desired text, graphics, or barcode on the label. No inks and no toner is needed. 

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