How To Make The best Product Labels

How To Make The Best Product Labels

So you have just finished creating your new product and now you need labels. You have come to the right place! LabelValue can help you print your custom labels.

Our Custom product labels are printed by the most advanced equipment. Some of our label equipment includes our digital label makers. Our digital label printing machines can print small runs of 500 labels, or over 1,000,000 custom labels! or even more! Whatever label you need we can print it.

Today we will be using the LabelValue Instaproof tool to make our product labels online. Lets get started! First you will need to pick a label size. 

1. Choose Your Custom Label Size - Depending on how you will use these labels will determine your product label size. If you need a small label for a small space we can assist. If you need a large label for a big place we can help. If you need a custom shape label we can print custom die cut labels also. Getting a custom die cut shape label is simple after the tooling has been purchased. The custom die tooling is a one time fee to make the part. Once you get your custom label shape you can move forward on printing your best product labels.

Next you will want to pick your label material. 

2. Choose your label materials - You will want your product label artwork to be compatible with the material you choose. For example if some parts of your custom label will be clear, the artwork must reflect this. If there will be some portions of your custom labels that will show with gold or silver, this will need to be designed into the artwork. If you need help with this just contact LabelValue and we will be able to assist you. There are many advantages to paper and polypropylene labels. Each material has a specific use. Once you understand how you will be using your product label then you can choose a material. If you need a water bottle label a polypropylene material is best because it is more durable. If you need a T-Shirt sticker for clothing then you will want to use a paper label because it does not need to be durable and the cost is cheaper. The best product label is usually printed with bopp/polypropylene. And this label is usually printed in full color (CMYK).

The next step is artwork. You can make labels online or upload your artwork files. 

3. Choose your artwork - After you have designed your artwork for a clear label, white label, gold label, or silver label you are ready to print. After you make your labels online and get your instant quote, LabelValue will send you a PDF proof of your artwork to approve for printing. if the label artwork needs any touch ups we will let you know. Artwork touch up is common.

Last we will want to add some protection over the label to make sure it lasts longer! The most common option is glossy lamination or matte lam. 

4. Label Finishing - Last you will choose the type of finish on your custom labels. Glossy lamination or matte lamination are both very popular finishing choices. Another option is UV varnish. Ask your sales man or customer service team which is best for your custom labels.

Your done! your quote should be complete and show you the cost of your new product labels. 

5. Click submit and get your custom labels printed! We will email you a PDF proof to approve. Once you approve the PDF label proof your order will go into production. Now that the hard part is done you can sit back and relax. Your custom labels will be on their way to your business.

By making custom labels easy to order online we let you focus more on the things that matter the most, like running your business. This is why Labelvalue is a leading Label company. We put our customers first to help them the best way we can. Let us simplify your label orders. Contact us today to see how our label company can help your business.

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