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Nobody likes a long drawn-out design process.
That's why we created LabelNinja.

Make labels online today with LabelNinja! Create labels online exactly how you want them! Our online label maker software is perfect for creating custom stickers. Make your online label design today with LabelNinja! Our online label creator can make simple stickers fast and easy! 

Who says you have to choose between speedy service and great quality? We know just how important it is to represent your company or brand with high quality labels or stickers. 

LabelNinja is an easy-to-use label creator designed to make your life easier. You can upload your art, easily add text, or even create a design from scratch using our high-quality free graphics to complete your label.

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Create Stunning Labels and Stickers Online

LabelNinja allows you to create your label design exactly how you imagined. We'll handle the rest.


Labelninja: Hassle Free Printing

  • Completely Free Online Label Creation Software
  • Premium Print Quality
  • Image & Art Upload
  • Text Creation, Align, Rotate & More
  • Free Illustrations, Borders, and Graphics
  • Save Your Design For Later
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    Print Info With Your Printer
    Custom Shapes & Sizes
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    Brewery Labels

    Standard 12 and 16 oz. Cans
    Keg Collar Labels
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LabelNinja Custom Label Creator FAQ

How long does it typically take from the time I submit my design until I receive my custom labels?

Making your custom labels design online with LabelNinja is a simple and intuitive process, ensuring the highest quality output and customer satisfaction. Many clients are keen to know about the timeframe involved in this process. Once you've finalized your design and submitted it online, our team jumps into action. Although the exact time can vary based on the complexity of your design and the quantity of labels ordered, most of our orders are completed and shipped within a matter of days. We strive to make the delivery of your custom label designs as swift as possible, so you can start using them to enhance your products right away.

Can I see a proof or sample of my label before it goes into full production?

Prior to launching into full-scale production, we understand that seeing a proof of your custom label can provide peace of mind. That's why when you use the LabelNinja Custom Label Creator by LabelValue, we offer proofing services to ensure your label design is exactly as you envisioned. Our team of experts will provide a digital proof upon request, allowing you to review and approve your design before it's printed. This is a crucial step in our process aimed at guaranteeing 100% satisfaction with your custom design labels order. Simply request a digital proof in the order comments when checking out.

What types of materials and finishes can be used for custom labels in the LabelNinja platform?

When it comes to choosing materials for your custom label creation, LabelNinja offers a wide range of options to suit various needs. We provide an array of durable materials, including but not limited to, Direct Thermal options, polyester, and paper, each lending a unique look and feel to your labels. Additionally, we offer a selection of finishes such as gloss, matte, clear and more, all designed to complement your brand aesthetic and product requirements. So, whether you're looking for a shiny, high-gloss finish that stands out or a more understated matte look, LabelNinja has the tools to design just the label you're looking for.