Weatherproof stickers for service labels

How To Make Weatherproof Stickers For Outside

How to make weatherproof stickers for outside. If you need custom weatherproof stickers for outside you can make them here. Make your custom labels online at with the instructions below. 

1 - Visit our weatherproof stickers here and choose a size that fits for you.

2 - Click "Customize this label" to begin creating your custom weatherproof service stickers. The next page will allow you to design your labels online. Use the online label maker software to type your message. Use the upload image button to upload your company logo.

3- Once you are finished designing your custom weatherproof service stickers you can click 'Preview my label' to view the finished label. On this page you can review your PDF proof to make sure everything is spelled and formatted correctly. If everything looks good on your weatherproof stickers proof click the checkbox "I approved" then click the "add to cart" button.

4 - Your weatherproof stickers will now get added to the website shopping cart. Click "Proceed to checkout" and your labels will be delivered as soon as possible.

Once your labels arrive you will be ready to peel them off the roll and place them where needed. Customers will appreciate your sticker because it will tell them who to call next time they need help. Not only can these stickers improve revenue, but they can also improve customer service.


Where Can You Use These Weatherproof Stickers?

Weatherproof stickers can be used for many different jobs. The most popular use is service stickers.  Service stickers will get customers calling back year after year. It is a great marketing strategy for your business. also. Placing a service sticker on the appliance you fixed can help keep that customer calling you back for a lifetime. Service stickers work great on:

  • Home water heater tanks
  • Air conditioning units
  • Electrical boxes 
  • Outside boxes 
  • Outside machines 
  • Outside equipment 
  • Heavy duty equipment 

What type of weather can these stickers be used in? Machine repair technicians can use these service stickers in the hot and cold weather. Use these weatherproof stickers under the hot sun in Florida. Or use these weatherproof stickers in the cold weather up north. 

  • Outside
  • In rough conditions 
  • In the heat up to 220 °F
  • In the cold down to -65 °F

Make Your Weatherproof Stickers Now!

Service stickers for equipment need to be durable. Keep your customers calling you back for a small cost. Make your outdoor stickers today. Design them online with our label designer. Or upload your artwork directly onto our website. These custom stickers are printed for outside and are weather resistant.

How Do You Apply These Labels?

Make sure the surface is clean and does not contain any dirt, oil, grease or water. This will help the labels stick. Once the surface is clean make sure it is flat. Remove the weatherproof stickers from the roll and gently apply them. Make sure to press your fingers over the entire surface of the label to ensure it adheres and bonds. This is very important to do after applying your pressure-sensitive label. Pressure-sensitive labels make a strong bond when pressed down to the surface its on. 

What are you waiting for?

Use our label maker online to

Start Your Weatherproof Stickers!