Walmart & Kohls Sued For Incorrect Product Labels

Superstore's Sued For Incorrect Product Labels

Bamboo woven fabric is known to be breathable, soft, durable and eco friendly. But some Walmart customers who purchased these "naturally"  woven bamboo fabric sheets may have been lied to.

Incorrect Product Labels On Bamboo Sheets

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently filed a lawsuit against Walmart and Kohls for falsely advertising sheets, towels pillowcases and other products as made with bamboo fiber, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The product labels contained false information that misled consumers. The fabric products were actually woven with rayon, a synthetic material. For those that dont know, Rayon is not eco friendly and is made with hazardous chemicals that pollute the air.

Walmart and Kohls have agreed to pay $5.5 million to settle the allegations of incorrect product labels.

Only products made from bamboo fiber can be labeled as bamboo, the FTC says. In this case the product label should have said "Rayon made from bamboo". Authentic Bamboo products have become popular with consumers because they are more eco friendly compared to synthetic fibers.

"The Organic Self-Cooling Luxury Bamboo Comforter" was sold on and was marketed as "sustainable." The product featured a description that said the comforter "will appeal to your sense of luxury and your desire to help the planet," according to the lawsuit.

Product Labels 

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Image Credit - Pexels/Anna Nekrashevich