Why Choose A Zippered Pouch For Your Products?

Custom Zippered Stand up pouches

Did you change your packaging from custom labels to Stand up pouches?

Or maybe your wondering why should I choose a custom flexible stand up pouch for my products?

A zipper pouch is a smart packaging solution for food, snacks, oils, or liquids.

Zipper pouch flexible packaging will help keep your products fresher. Many food companies are consolidating their containers and labels into flexible packaging. 

Small zipper pouches are the perfect on-the-go food or snack product. This is because a small zipper pouch is easy to carry in your backpack or purse.

Stand Up Zipper Pouch

Zippered Pouch with push to close zipper seal

If you need a pouch with zipper this is your product. A stand up zipper pouch is another way to contain your product on store shelves.

Customers can easily tear open your zipper pouch and enjoy it. Then when the consumer is done the zippered pouch can be resealed. Resealable zippered pouches keep products lasting longer, especially food and liquids. 

What are the benefits of a press-to-close zippered pouch? 

  • -Food & Snacks stays more fresh longer
  • -Oils, Creams and liquids stay more fresh longer
  • -Your customer can take it on the go 
  • -Your customer can reseal it later to eat or use at another time


Another advantage to flexible packaging is that you dont need to buy two different products, a container and label. With flexible packaging companies, you just need to purchase one item, the flexible package. This is because your artwork will be printed on the flexible packaging. 

Your Flexible Packaging Company

Flexible packaging company

Are you looking for a flexible packaging company for your products? With flexible packaging, your options are stand up pouches or flexible bag packaging. Make Labelvalue your flexible packaging company today and handle all your flexible packaging in one place. 

Both can help preserve your products for longer. A stand up zipper pouch looks better on a grocery store shelf because it stands up and faces the customer.

Flexible packages are great for small items, chips and candy. But can be used for larger bags like Potato chip bags. Many food companies use flexible packages for their chips and snacks. 

Potato chip bag flexible packaging

Flexible Packaging Manufacturer 

Labelvalue can print your stand-up pouches or flexible package. Are you still searching for flexible packaging near me? Labelvalue has printed flexible packages like Stand up pouches and flex packs for many different products in Florida. 

Flexible packaging for products

Special Packaging Bags For Products

When talking about special packaging bags the term can be used very loosely. This is because a flexible package could be a snack bag style or a stand up pouch. The term bag is generic and could mean a variety of packaging. 

Many food products like chips and snacks are filled into flexible packaging bags. These flexible packaging bags are printed in mini, small, medium and large sizes. Flexible packaging is very popular with the food and snack industry.

There are many reasons but the primary reason is that flexible food packaging keeps the food fresh for longer. This is why many snacks and foods are filled in flexible food packaging bags.

Do you have a food or snack you want to be filled in flexible food packaging? Contact LabelValue today and we will find the best flexible packaging solution for your products. 

Sealable Stand Up Pouches 

Resealable stand up pouches

"Tear here!"

Our stand up pouches have a press to close zipper. This means the stand up pouches are resealable. Saving your food, cream or other products fresher for longer! Just 'tear here' and then reseal later! 

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