UPC Barcode Tips: How to Get a Barcode

Tips for UPC barcodes

What Is A Barcode?

UPC Barcode

If you are new to UPC barcodes the information can be overwhelming at first. This article will help you with Barcode tips, and how to get a barcode made.

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UPC Barcodes

UPC means 'Universal Product Code'. This is a unique 12 digit number to identify the product and the manufacturer.

UPC barcodes help retailers track product sales in real time. It also allows the customers to purchase many products at one time in the store quickly. Could you imagine if the grocery store clerk had to look up the price of every item in your shopping cart? The process would take a lot longer! But with barcode labels the clerk can simply scan the barcode and get the price in one second.  

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How to Get a UPC Barcode


Retail barcodes like UPC, EAN and JAN are regulated by GS1. GS1 is an international nonprofit organization responsible for maintaining barcode standards, and supply and demand. There is a fee for each barcode, and an annual maintenance fee. This UPC barcode tutorial will help you get started. You can buy your UPC barcode labels here when you are ready.  

Important Tips About UPC Barcodes

UPC barcode on beer can

Below are some important things to know when using UPC barcodes. You can Read below to better understand how to use UPC barcodes correctly. 

  • No Prices On UPC Barcodes - UPC barcodes do not show a price, it only names and identifies the product. This allows the retailer to input a custom price into their system. 
  • One UPC Per Product - one UPC barcode should be used per product. So if you have a 12oz chocolate ice cream, and a 12oz vanilla ice cream you will need two different UPC barcodes. 
  • UPC Barcodes Cannot Be Used Online - A UPC barcode is required for retail brick and mortar stores. But a UPC barcode is not required to sell your product. 
  • Country Of Origin - UPC barcodes do not show where the product was manufactured. 

Custom Barcode Label Printing

After you have created your barcode you can get labels printed. Simply send us your barcodes and we will print them for you.  Get your custom UPC barcode labels printed today with LabelValue.

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