5 Amazing Facts About Private Label Products

Private label brand sales have hit $199 million in 2021.

Today it's not uncommon to see a manufacturing company that is also selling their products to private label. This means they are selling their products to other companies who put a private label their onto the product. This has become popular for the cosmetics industry.

So why so much hype about private label products? What is the main advantage to private labels on products? Private label products allow you to focus more on selling the product and promoting it, rather than manufacturing it.

1. You don't need to manufacture a product.

Private Label printing

Using a private label on your product you can hide who really makes it. That means another company will manufacture the product. When the product is finished you will add your custom label onto the product. This is how smaller companies can get into the private label market by spending the minimum amount in costs to get the product.

2. You can choose your own logo and branding.

Custom Logo Labels

When using a private label product you can choose your own custom branding. This means you can choose the color, shape, and design of your logo. After you put your private labels on your product your customer will never know who really manufactured it. This is because your private label will have your address, website and phone number on it. Private labels allow you to focus more on marketing your product.

3. You can choose your own custom labels.

Custom Label Printing

With private labels you can choose the exact size you need. Hologram labels are a great choice to attract attention. But hologram labels are more expensive than the standard white bopp or white paper materials. Which material will you choose?

4. You dont need to ship your product.

Shipping private labels

Some private label manufacturers will also put your label onto the product at their facility and ship it directly to your customers. This can save you from having a large shipping department. And also save you costs from paying a shipping department.

5. Less overhead costs.

Private label cost

When you remove the manufacturing side to making a product it can cut costs drastically. Many upstarts and new companies will start with private labeling. Because private labels can help a new company get into the industry they want to be in for a lower cost, without having to actually manufacture the product.

These are the 5 amazing facts about private label companies. Did we miss one? Let us know! Do you need private labels for your products? Contact LabelValue today and see how we can take your private labels to the next level!