Florida Label Company: LabelValue Move's To A New Facility

LabelValue New Label Printing Building

LabelValue has moved, come and visit us at 5445 Hangar Ct. Tampa, Florida!


LabelValue is excited to announce our new 45,648 square foot facility at 5445 Hangar Ct. Tampa, Florida.


The official date of the move in was December 6th, 2021.


Our previous location on W. Sligh Ave was 13,600 square feet. We had outgrown the confines of that space a while ago and needed to expand to fit the needs and goals of our team, company, and customers.

The new location will allow LabelValue to expand to better help the needs of customers. This means we can add new label printing machines to increase our label printing capacity. This will also help with faster label printing turnaround times for customers. The new LabelValue address is conveniently located near the Tampa International Airport to ensure fast shipping and turnaround times. The new building also has more parking in the front for customers who pick up labels locally. And even more parking for employees.


The LabelValue team sat down with the President of LabelValue, Paul Puleo, to get his thoughts of all the exciting new action.

What benefits will the new building bring to Labelvalue?

By tripling our space, the immediate benefit is that we now have the space to add more machinery, and have already done so, but there are a lot of other benefits the new building provides as well. Since we built this facility from the ground up, we were able to optimize the space for our needs. It is a beautiful space for us to bring in clients for meetings or tours, it gives our team members new office space with room for growth, and finally it allows us to consolidate our two properties into one by bringing our shrink sleeve application line under the same roof. That’s really the centerpiece of the production floor now and it’s a compelling production line to see in action.

How will the new HP Indigo 8K Digital Press help Labelvalue's customers?

Adding the HP Indigo 8K press to our lineup is a substantial upgrade. The speed and quality that the 8K delivers will allow us to maintain our dedication to world-class print quality, while also speeding up the turnaround times for our customers. Turnaround time is one of the biggest pain points for consumers in the custom label printing world, so we have been working hard at finding the right solutions for our customer’s needs. We believe we have found one of those solutions in the 8K, which with double the speed will triple our custom printing capacity. Our clients will definitely notice the difference.

What excites you the most about the new building?

It’s difficult to single out one thing that excites me most about the new building – there’s so much about it that is exciting. In a big picture sense, the most exciting thing is that we no longer have to operate under the restrictions that our previous facility imposed. Our mission is to deliver the unexpected, and we’re now poised to do that better than ever before. Another thing that’s really exciting about the new building is that it serves as a visual validation of all the hard work from our team over the years. It’s a testament to the relationships we have formed amongst each other and with our clients that have gotten us to this point.

What are your plans for 2022? 

In 2022, we are going to continue to expand our product lines and increase capacity, in order to deliver exceptional products, service, and timeliness to our clients. There are many developments currently happening in the labeling and packaging world and we are now in a place to provide unique solutions that can really help our clients meet their challenges head on. It’s going to be a very important and exciting year for LabelValue.