How to Package Your Bakery Products Easily and Affordably

In our business, we encounter small business owners from a wide variety of industries, from food and beverage to veterinary products and animal supplies. Our customers are often looking for high quality, yet efficient ways to package their products. One small business owner, is the bakery owner. Bakery owners face the challenge of creating simple, eye-catching packaging and labels that will not only hold the product but also display it in such a way that will help sell it. After all, it is the food itself that sells the product, and if you can’t see those delicious brownies or cookies, consumers will be more capable of resisting the impulse to purchase.

One of our local Tampa Bay bakeries makes custom cakes and cupcakes. The business was created by two moms with the common interest of creating delicious desserts.

The best way for them to package sugar cookies for their business was to stack them, wrap them with cellophane, and tie the ends. Unfortunately, while this method allowed the customers to be visually tantalized by the cookies, it did nothing for branding.

That’s where came in. We created high-quality round labels with the business’s logo that they could stick on each package. These custom labels branded the package without impairing the customer from seeing the actual product inside.

This idea of using round labels on a clear wrapper is perfect not only for bakery labels, but also for a variety of other small businesses as well, including soap makers, candle makers, candy manufacturers, and many more.

With our digital color presses, can quickly and easily print custom round labels at an extremely affordable price. Visit us online or contact us today to learn how we can work with your business to create the perfect labels to brand your products.