Custom Printed Bakery Labels

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As a manufacturer of custom labels for many years, has the tools and services to make your bakery or pastry shop a success and can offer bakery label ideas. Custom bakery stickers are important because they provide a message to both the baker and the consumer, whether that is a call to action, identification, or purely aesthetic attraction. Let provide custom bakery labelsyou with perfect custom labels through excellent quality service from conception to completion.

Our top-of-the-line flexographic printer allows for an 8 color process in any shade. It can print on 30 different types of material and can be applied in 8 types of adhesive for any surface. For gourmet styles we also offer foil material and embossing stamps. The custom bakery label stickers we manufacture can be specially designed for application to cellophane, cardboard, glass, or stainless steel.

Digital or Flexographic?

Although flexographic printing for custom labels yields high quality and long lasting durability, its color density and 235 dpi resolution dims in comparison to digital printing's 2400 dpi resolution. Flexographic printing is recommended for long run jobs (because it can produce the highest number of custom labels in the least amount of time). But if you want your bakery label stickers to have a bright, vivid image on them, and you are only looking for a few hundred or so, digital printing is the way to go. Digital custom printing allows for gang running labels, which are a different design of the same size.

Labels to Consider:

Retail Labels

Point of sale labels create a call to action for the consumer. They tell a specific message about the price, indicating a sale or special that is going on. Custom retail labels are handy because they can be placed on individual items, guaranteeing a specific items price. We recommend a tamperproof custom label, so that you don't lose money if someone places a reduced price label on a more expensive item.

Nutritional Labels:

The Food and Drug Administration requires most prepared foods, such as breads, cereals, canned and frozen foods to contain a nutrition label. When you are getting ready to order custom labels for your bakery, take into account the room you will need for a Nutritional Facts Label with ingredients list.

Flavor Labels:

Custom Pastry Labels

Customers love instant information. If a sign or product can be scanned in seconds to instantly inform the customer what the item is and how it is different than the other items, he or she will be twice as likely to purchase on the spot. In a bakery setting, telling what flavor a cake or pastry is will answer a big question and increase the likelihood of a fast purchase. can manufacture eye catching labels for any tasty flavor you create, in any size, and for any surface. This is where's gang-running capabilities come into play. We can print out a wide variety of custom labels in any flavor you offer.

Types of Labels Bakers are Ordering:

  • Package Labels
  • Nutritional Labels
  • Flavor Labels
  • Plastic Container Seals
  • Order number labels
  • Baker's Logo Seals
  • Check Off Labels (Processing, Closing, Opening)