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Custom Labels For Wine Bottles

Custom Labels For Wine Bottles

You spend a lot of hard work, time, and sweat on your wine. So why not put a custom wine label on the bottle?

Statistics say that about 75% of adults drink wine. If you are a wine manufacturer, this is great news for potential wine sales.

Labelvalue can print your custom wine label in any shape or size you need. The cost to produce your own wine label can be very expensive, and create lots of hassle and stress along the way.

Weather you need thousands of wine labels or millions, we got covered. You can also trust us with your private label small run wine production.

I’m about to deliver some shocking news, so brace yourself. Most consumers know very little about wine. I know. Speechless right? Try to pick yourself up off the floor now. This is why we wrote an article on how to read wine labels.

Okay so maybe you weren’t that surprised. But the reality is most people really don’t know that much about wine. They’re drawn to something that they’ve tried before in a restaurant, a wine label that looks especially appealing, or they get so far as to pick up a particular bottle and read the description on the back – if there is one.

With so many choices of wine on the shelves at the grocery store, it’s imperative the wine makers not only provide high quality wine, but also do whatever it takes to create beautiful, eye catching labels that will compel the shopper to pick the bottle up for closer examination. However, with so many kinds of labels available on the internet, it’s hard to know which one is best and which will be most successful in catching the customers’ eye. There is one type of label that is always recommended, however, in its ability to produce a high quality, attractive label: foil labels.

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LabelValue will print your custom wine labels with high quality materials and adhesives.

A bottle of wine gift can make a great present, espeially if you have a premium custom wine label. Help attract attention to your wine labels with silver and gold labels. Gold wine labels will pop right off the shelf and into your customers eye. We can print you award winning custom wine labels. The key to an award winning product label is unique artwork and quality label printing.

Creating unique, custom wine bottle labels has come to be a worldwide trend. They are the perfect creation for business owners wanting to be known for their brand, the perfect addition to tables at weddings, and a Christmas gift that will be appreciated by all. Wine has come to be far more than just a gift or even a casual pastime. For many, wine is a major passion, and with that the style of bottle and beauty of label has become a fashion statement all its own.


Looking for ideas of what to put on your custom wine bottles?

Ideas For Your Custom Wine Labels

Custom wine label design ideas


With a saturated market with lots of competition it’s important to create wine labels that will catch the eye of anyone who sees them. Whether you’re bottling wine in your home cellar for selling locally, plan to mass produce for wine for stores or just want to label a case of wine for a wedding or anniversary celebration it’s important to design and create an attractive, elegant wine label, as many people will “judge this book by its cover.”

Establish the occasion for your wine bottle and the image you want to portray. Consider the colors you can select from: whether there is a color that is relevant for your event or business or whether you are trying to select from any number of colors. You may want to take into consideration the emotion that each color can evoke. Select an image that is appropriate or whether you simply want text. Look at other wine bottle labels for ideas to “copy” and customize for yourself. Look at photographs you have seen or taken, whether it is a landscape, a car, or a loved one. The sky’s the limit for your custom wine label.

Gold film labels are durable and often water proof with a permanent adhesive, perfect for keeping your label in place even if the bottle is submerged in ice or water to stay cold. Gold labels will give your wine bottles a distinctive look that is upscale and will set your product apart from the others on the shelves.

Another option for your custom wine labels is estate paper. Estate paper is a tetured paper that is popular on many wine labels. Below are some more tips for your wine label ideas.

Finding inspiration - Most would agree that your labels are most meaningful and will have the greatest impact when they’re inspired. Inspiration can come from anything, from the label of a popular wine to a piece of artwork you admire. Remember: you aren’t copying the work of someone if you’re just using it for inspiration to create your own ORIGINAL label.

Branding - Each wine label should contain certain information, including the name of the brand and company. It should also show what type of wine is in the bottle. The label should also provide information on the alcohol content and the year the wine was made.  Custom wine bottles, however, can emphasize the specialty of a certain wine: such as a classic design that implies sophistication or a more modern image that indicates your wine is a new generation product.

Selecting Readable Fonts

Select a font that matches the style of the label and your own personal taste. You can do anything from elegant to wacky or anything in between. You will want your font color to be complimentary but contrasting to the background color and large enough that it can be easily read. Beware of fonts that are too elaborate that can be difficult to read.

Required information - You want to avoid putting too much text and too many unnecessary elements on the label, since it will only cause the label to become cluttered and will likely be overlooked. Write a small description of the wine and what it is best paired with. You will also need the type of wine and where it was bottled. Check the FDA labeling requirements for what needs to be included on your label.

Ask the Experts - If you’re planning on investing significant money into producing labels, it may be worth the time and money to consult with an expert, either a graphic designer (one who specializes in product labels) or a packaging specialist who can provide you with the necessary guidance.

Below is a checklist of the items to include on your wine labels:

    1. Brand name. This is the most obvious information you will want included and it will be the most prominent.
    2. Vintage date. This is the harvest year, which means that 85% or more of the wine was produced using grapes that were grown and harvested in that given year.
    3. Origin. If the vintage date is provided, the place the grapes were grown is typically included.
    4. Dominant grape. Though many times optional, many wine producers identify the dominant grape used in the wine, such as Cabernet Sauvignon or Chardonnay.
    5. Designation and country of original. This means identifying the nature of the product and the country of origin, such as Wine of France. Origin is required on all imported wines.
    6. Name and address. The name or trade name as well as address must appear on the label.
    7. Alcohol content. This information is often expressed in percent by volume.
    8. Allergens. Information must be provided on allergens.
    9. Warning. A health or government warning typically appears, and a health advisory is required if the bottle contains five percent of alcohol or more.
    10. Net content. This is the amount of wine in the bottle.

QR Codes On Wine Labels

wine label qr code

Another trend wine manufacturers are doing is adding QR codes on wine labels.

What if there was a QR code on the front-facing label that told people a little more about the wine, the flavors it embodies, recommended food pairings and reviews? You can even take it a step further by linking the QR code to videos about the wine (since many people don’t enjoy reading), provide video tours of the winery, or information on harvest. QR codes on your wine labels is a great way to enhance your brand and connect with your customer. They are also good at helping drive website traffic which can help sales.

The QR code can be placed on the wine labels. QR codes provide that unique factor that will help get your wine bottle noticed, as well as the information to help customers feel like they are making an informed decision about their bottle. Providing your customers with so much great information will make them feel more confident in your brand and leave them more likely to purchase.

Using QR codes on wine labels has been a growing trend in the world of wine making for some time as a way of pointing customers to more information about the wine. Customers simply have to take a photo of the QR code with their cell phone and they are automatically taken to the website that is embedded within the code. It’s a great way to increase the connection the wine maker has with the customer and enhance the business.

Wine makers can choose to send customers to special pages specifically designed for anyone considering purchasing that bottle of wine. Having so much easily accessible information on the wine they are holding will substantially increase the likelihood the customer is going to purchase that bottle of wine.

Interested in putting a QR code on your wine bottle or onto custom labels for another product? Contact us today. Our custom label specialists are happy to help you.

Custom Wine Labels For Gifts And Parties

wine labels for holiday and Christmas parties

Have you attended a holiday party in someone’s home during the last month or will you be attending a New Year’s Eve party this weekend? Chances are you’re planning to bring a gift, and the chances are that gift is a bottle of wine. Now you can print personlaized wine labels for parties at

Wine is one of the most popular gifts to take with you when you are invited to a party or even just to spend an evening at a friend’s home. Many people even keep extra bottles on hand in the event that an occasion arises. Take your wine gifts to the next level by adding custom labels to your bottles, creating a personalized gift that will be greatly appreciated by the party host and hostess.

Custom Wine Labels For Christmas

Wine labels for Christmas

Custom wine labels can add a festive touch to any occasion, and Christmas is so exception. Personalized wine labels are a great way to add some extra holiday spirit to your family celebrations. They can also make great gifts for those hard-to-buy-for family members who already have everything they need. The leftover bottles make great decorations and mementos for future holiday celebrations.

Creating your custom wine labels doesn’t have to be a hassle either. You can achieve professional results at prices that are affordable for anyone’s budget thanks to LabelValue’s digital printing presses. Whether you are looking for labels for friends throughout the year, holiday parties, birthdays or weddings, our custom label experts are here to make sure you achieve the results you are looking for and in the time you needed them.

One easy way to get holiday labels for your wine bottle is to simply buy labels that have the “canned phrases” on them already, much like greeting cards. Even these more generic holiday messages and images can be nice, especially if you plan to give them away. Not only are they great for family presents, they can also make the perfect gifts for colleagues or business acquaintances who you perhaps don’t know as well. They will be appreciated by everyone for their novelty and when the bottle is empty they can be used year after year as part of the normal décor.

If you are giving your bottles during the holiday season, you might want to consider adding a seasonal image or phrase that will help spread holiday cheer. Depending on the recipient, possibly themes could vary from religious to wintery scenes to even cute cartoon characters. You might want to also consider a photo of yourself and your spouse or family. There are any number of images or sayings that can be meaningful to the recipient. Even monograms with initials can be a nice touch.

Try to add a message that has more of a personal touch. Something heartfelt, funny, or intimate will be more meaningful than a more general “season’s greetings.” This personalized touch will make the recipient much more inclined to hold on to the bottle since it will have greater sentimental value with the personalized message.

Avoid doing the labels yourself and printing them out on your own printer. They will lack the professional touch and not achieve the special look you are trying for. Do not take them to your local printer either, as you will likely pay much more. Custom wine labels do not have to be expensive, however. With the ability to upload artwork quickly online and have labels printed quickly and easily on a digital printer, your labels don’t have to cost a fortune.

Custom Wine Labels For Weddings

Wine labels for weddings

Now is the time to start planning for the big wedding day. Custom designed wine labels are a great way to add a special flair to your wedding day as well as create a special keepsake. Consider these suggestions for creating the perfect accent for your wedding day: personalized wine bottles.

Custom wine bottles come in many different styles: both contemporary and classic designs. The couple can select the style they like that best fits their personalities. They need to decide what they want printed onto the label. A few ideas include the wedding date and location, a special poem, the couple’s initials, last name or monogram, or an image of the happy couple. They can choose from a wide range of colors and will likely want to select the color of the bridesmaid’s dresses or a color that will compliment them or possibly the flowers.

Custom wine labels are an elegant way to mark this special occasion. They are charming and distinctive, leaving a positive impression in the mind of guests. Because they are so simple to design and produce, they are great mementos that can be used in a variety of ways.

Wine bottles with custom labels can make great favors for all the guests, different than the usual selection of bells, measuring spoons or picture frames. A custom wine bottle can also make a great keepsake for the couple to share on their first, or even twenty-fifth, wedding anniversary. The wine bottles can make great centerpieces for the table, reducing the number of flowers that you feel compelled to purchase. With a colorful, eye-catching design, custom wine bottles can provide a tasteful and elegant touch to your tables during the reception.

Get Pricing On Custom Wine Labels

For more ideas for custom labels, or to get a quote for your custom wine labels, visit us at Want to speak with one of our labeling experts or get a quote? Contact us today!