Why Anti-Counterfeit Your Labels?

Why Anti-Counterfeit Your Labels?

The world can be scary a place for business owners. There are too many ways for the people with ill-intentions to profit off of a respected brand by commandeering and replicating their products, branding materials, and product labels. Thankfully, though, you can protect your product as it travels along the supply chain by using anti-counterfeit labels and anti-counterfeiting technology. Today, we explore the security solutions made available by modern digital label printing machinery like what we have available at LabelValue.

Methods For Anti-Counterfeiting Your Product Labels


Plug and Play Features

The Plug and Play features made available by the HP Indigo Digital Press provide a major advantage for brand owners looking to protect their products throughout the supply chain - all without the need to purchase additional equipment or software. Plug and Play features are features available to you at little additional cost when printing your labels and they allow you to ensure the authenticity of your product labels.

HP Indigo Microtext Font

anti-counterfeit micro-text-hp

Rendered as a fine colored line, this security measure can easily be mistaken for an accent piece in your label’s design. It is only with a magnifying glass or loop that the illusion is done away with and the microtext shows. Microtext is essentially a series of letters and numbers that’ll serve as a second serial number for your label. If you wish, you can hide the microtext line among the happenings of your label artwork. The font size of the text can go all the way down to 0.5pt. Talk about tiny.

Micro 2D Barcodes

You know what a barcode is. Its usefulness needn’t be expounded upon here. What you may not know is that a Micro 2D barcode is no ordinary barcode. It possesses the same security measures as a traditional barcode with the added benefit of being one-fourth the size. It’ll prove difficult for those not-in-the-know to find this Micro 2D barcode on the anti-counterfeit label. It will be even more difficult for anti-counterfeiters to replicate such a small barcode without some serious label printing technology at their disposal. At the same time, the Micro 2D barcode will provide you with a means of tracking and verifying your items.


Now the Guilloche’ is a security labeling feature as hard to copy as it is to pronounce. Each one is randomly culled from a series of unique algorithms to create a multicolored array of entwined lines. The possible configurations are endless. Not only that, but because of the lines’ tangled nature, copying their pattern is just unrealistic. If someone does take note of it in your label’s design though, fret not. They’re probably just admiring the design.


Haiyaa calls to mind the sound heard in karate movies. Rightfully so, as their security features pack quite the punch. Haiyaa, by way of their VDP engine Variprint, chose to include so many security features, it's a wonder they didn’t get their own section, adjacent the Plug and Play Features. Security labeling solutions included under the Haiyaa umbrella are random color barcodes, a lenticular image feature, and a UV fluorescent pattern feature.
Random color barcode will create for your label a miscellaneous assortment of colored squares. No two barcodes will be alike.
Lenticular image feature allows you to create custom watermarks that, when set against the larger artwork, is easily camouflaged.
The UV fluorescent pattern manipulates standard CMYK ink in such a way that it creates a truly unique pattern that is reminiscent of ultraviolet effects.

Anti-counterfeiting Security Inks


HP Indigo ElectroInk Yellow and Blue

Invisible ink, traditionally for the realm of Saturday morning cartoons, has now become one of the most effective measures for ensuring the authenticity of your items. HP ElectroInk Yellow and Blue uses electroink. This pigmentation is only visible under yellow and blue UV lights, black lights and LED lights. Use the electroink to create a serialization number undetectable to the naked eye.

Rainbow Secure

The Rainbow Secure feature is well suited for governmental bodies and private-owned businesses. It uses infrared converting pigments to create custom serial codes. The colors of this ink are outside of the visible light spectrum, and therefore unreadable with the naked eye. If anyone wants to take a sneak peak they’ll need a specialized device that can be tuned into the frequency of the ink. Now, that’s covert.

Sherlox End-To-End Authentication System

HP Indigo has partnered with Authentix™ to bring you Sherlox end-to-end authentication, and it feels like the skies have parted. Never before has Authentix’s machine-readable taggant ink been available on digital presses! The Sherlox end-to-end authentication system allows the user to create secret authentication markers on their label products. Those dealing with pharmaceuticals labeling, spirits, and safety products labeling will find these markers quite irreplicable. The markers can be applied to a wide variety of substrates. They can be verified, in-field, via a mobile scanner. What’s more, this system grants you direct access to a wealth of information stored in the cloud. There, you’ll find up-to-date data, and unique solutions for combatting counterfeiters.

GoSure Machine-Readable Taggant Ink

The supply-chain can make for a messy and entangled affair. You can, however, more easily authenticate the products that move through this chain with Bsecure’s GoSure machine-readable taggant ink. In order for this ink to be read, a special reader is needed. The reader will softly flash, and beep, to provide you with information regarding the authenticity of the product. With this solution, you’ll be properly protected against product diversion.

Protected Track and Trace Solutions

Track and Trace Solutions

These track and trace label solutions allow you to do exactly what the name implies: near-impossible to replicate, these markings allow you to follow the trajectory of your items as they move through the supply chain.

HP Link Technology


HP Link Technology will craft individualized identity markers for each of your products. These markers can be either visible to the naked eye (think the aforementioned Guilloche’) or hidden like a well-placed watermark. With HP Link Technology, you can use the markings to implement geographical limits, scanning restrictions, and more.

ATT - Titanium Security

These security labeling measures are a trifecta of awesome. Included here are three unique solutions to authenticate, track and trace, and build consumer trust with regard to your labelled products. The first of these anti-counterfeit label features, the Seal-Vector code, produces for you a verification mark with the unique function of deteriorating every time it is copied. Counterfeit products will easily be sniffed out. Next we have the serialization number and QR code. Together, these two security labeling features allow you to track and trace products with great accuracy. Each customers will be issued an individualized QR code. The QR code can be read via an optical adaptor or smartphone.


With FiberTag, your anti-counterfeit label will have its own unique 2D serialization code. With this 2D code, the item can be easily and readily be tracked. Each printed FiberTag is sent to the Prooftag internet database. It takes only a smartphone and internet connection to track the item thereafter. Information about the item can also be viewed on this secure page. Each FiberTag is irreplicable, so much so that even their manufacturer, ProofTag will not be able to recreate it. What’s more, each tag doubles as a tamper proof seal.

Micro Focus Global Product Authentication Service (GPAS)

There are a wealth of counterfeit products out there. Few compare to this Micro Focus Global Product Authentication Service. With GPAS, you’ll be able to build consumer trust by allowing them to verify an item in real-time. Consumers will be able to scan a label’s QR code to determine the authenticity of a product. They will also be privy to a product’s recall status, which is great, when considered from a brand standpoint, for liability purposes. Business owners will be pleased to find that GPAS makes it easy to follow items through the supply chain, even at the raw materials level. GPAS will even provide avenues for direct business to consumer correspondence.

Are you in the market for new security solutions to help protect your products? Are those other guys giving you the runaround? At LabelValue, we’re always at the ready and eager to help. We’ll help you set up track and trace or any other top anti-counterfeit label solutions for your products. Up your security labeling game. Contact us for more information or use our online quoting tool to receive your free custom label quote today.