Labels Exposed to SunOftentimes, customers who are used to using lower quality direct thermal printers are concerned about the durability of their print. Especially if the labels will be outdoors. Direct thermal printers are notorious for having print that wears off with exposure to the elements.

We encounter this issue frequently, especially with our industrial label customers. So now, offers a UV Laminate to provide a solution to this custom label problem.

What's a UV Gloss Laminate?

A laminate is a thin layer of plastic coating that is applied to the surface of the label. A laminate helps to prevent scuffing and helps keep the print from smearing or fading. Our UV Outdoor Gloss Laminate is an especially durable version of laminate coating that we offer to clients whose labels are going to experience outdoor exposure. Here are some more specifics on this label finish:

Features of a UV Outdoor Gloss Laminate:

-UV Protection for Up to 2 Years

-Ideal for Outdoor Applications

-Protects Against Scuffs

-Most Durable Label Finish Offered

If you're worried about your labels fading in the sun, this laminate will ensure your labels stay clear and beautiful for a long time.


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