is proud to announce the release of its much anticipated online custom label design tool for industrial labels. 

Our custom industrial labels are made from a durable Brushed Nickel BOPP material and features a permanent adhesive. This makes for a label that can withstand the elements, making sure your information doesn't ever get lost or worn off.

Now, you can drag and drop elements, write your own text, and upload your company's logo to your own label using our design tool.

The design tool makes it easy to double check your label and make sure everything is exactly how you want it to appear.

It's also a much cheaper alternative to the typical custom labeling process, which can involve large minimum orders, print plates and other expensive added costs.

Plus, the turaround time is practically instant. We allow 2 days for production, but oftentimes your order will be printed same day.

If you're in need of durable, weatherproof labels to place on A/C units, machinery, supplies or anything else, our custom weatherproof service tags are the only way to go.