custom printed wine labels for your winery

How to Design Your Custom Wine Label

With the number of wine makers in the business, making your product stand out is the only way to thrive in this market. Your labels play a huge factor in your company's success. In order to make the top of the ‘best-selling wine’ list, you must create a strong, unique identity for yourself. Oftentimes, this just means making small changes in your product. Here are a few wine label design tips to consider in creating a wine bottle label that will grab the attention of your customers.

Expertly Designed Custom Wine Labels

If you're still stuck after searching for inspiration or can't quite get your design to look right, contact us and inquire about our design services. Our design department is quick and effective in capturing the look and feel you desire for your custom wine label.

  • Color - Attractive coloring is one of the first things that will catch the shopper’s eye. Select a light background for the label. Also note that the most attractive wines (according to customer surveys) tend to have labels that contain more red and purple.
  • Text - It’s not just about the content itself, but also about the font and size of the text. Be sure to emphasize the name or brand and use a style of type that exemplifies the wine you have created.
  • Image - The image on the label should be your logo. Establish what you want to emphasize. Your logo should embody everything your wine is to you.
  • Content - Finally, we get to the content. After drawing shoppers in with the color, text and image, it is important to provide quality content. You will want to include content such as the main ingredient or where the grapes were scoured. Don’t fail to include information about your company. In addition to the business name, you may want to include contact information to make it easier for customers to contact you in order to place an order.

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