gold and silver foil custom wine labels

Custom Gold and Silver Foil Wine Labels

With so many choices of wine on the shelves at the grocery store, it’s imperative the wine makers not only provide high quality wine, but also do whatever it takes to create beautiful, eye catching labels that will compel the shopper to pick the bottle up for closer examination. However, with so many kinds of labels available on the internet, it’s hard to know which one is best and which will be most successful in catching the customers’ eyes. There is one type of label that is always recommended, however, in its ability to produce a high quality, attractive label: foil labels.

Cold foil is an in-line rotary process that transfers metallic foil to the facesheet of a pressure sensitive label. As the name implies, heat is not necessary to transfer the foil to the label, which means it can be easily added to the printing process. Cold foil labels allow you to keep costs down since cold foiling doesn’t require extra rotary dies for printing.

Foil Labels - Excellent Durability

Foil labels are durable and often water proof with a permanent adhesive, perfect for keeping your label in place even if the bottle is submerged in ice or water to stay cold.

Foil labels will give your wine bottles a distinctive look that is upscale and will set your product apart from the others on the shelves.

Foil Helps to Highlight Your Wine's Features

Bright silver foil paper wine label sample. Use eye-catching foils, such as custom silver and gold foil wine labels, to grab the attention of consumers and stand out among the other wine bottles. This 4.34" x 3.15" rectangular label is printed with silver chrome foil paper which gives a touch of sophistication and class to your bottle's label.

Custom Silver Chrome Wine Label Sample Custom Silver Chrome Foil Wine Label

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