Oregon Wine and Bees

Bees pollinate all types of flowering plants. Vineyards included. So when the bee population takes a massive dive, so does the flowering plant population. And so do the vineyards. That's exactly what's happening in Oregon wine country and causing many Oregon vineyards to have some serious worries for this and future year's crops.

PNW-Region Wine: Boom or Bust?

The Oregon wine industry has boomed recently, causing much greater focus on the wines coming out of the region. This year, however, coming on the heels of a Portland area ban on harmful insecticides, beekeepers throughout the state have been noticing a troubling trend. Their bees are dying off due to misuse of a pesticide that contains neonicotinoids. Several Portland-area companies have been fined already for misusing the pesticide and killing tens of thousands of bees. This has led to a ban on the pesticided.

Despite the fact that the ban was enacted, damage continues to be done, causing many bee populations to come into contact with the harmful pesticide. In turn, the bee population has shrunk greatly.

Oregon has now enacted a bee-killing hotline, where conscious citizens can report massive bee deaths to the website and the state can act accordingly.

While all of Oregon's vineyard owners may not notice the effects yet, if this trend continues, the newly formed Oregon wine industry may be facing some difficult setbacks in the near future.

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