How to Apply Your Custom Labels

Once you've designed your custom labels, it's time to apply them to your products. 

There are two main options.

First, you can use a machine to apply your labels. If you are going this route, you will want to make sure that you identify this to your custom label expert, so we can make sure that the labels are wound correctly.

Secondly, you can apply your labels by hand. While this route is more tedious, it is the most cost-effective, as label-application machines can be a large cost. Here are the steps for making sure your hand-applied labels are applied correctly.

Applying Labels1.  Position your product on a flat surface.

2.  Identify a point on the product, like a seam or mark, to align the label on.
3.  Peel your label from the corner.
4.  Line the edge of the label up with the mark.
5.  Press the label's edge securely on the mark.
6.  Smooth the label out from the seam, across the product's surface.
7.  If you have a round product or packaging, twist the product as you smooth.
8.  Repeat.



Whenever you transition from hand application to machine application, make sure to let us know before you reorder. This ensures that we can optimize your labels for their application.