Shrink Sleeves On Cans For Cold Brew

Shrink Sleeves On Cans For Your Coffee

Do you need shrink sleeve cans for your coffee company? Now you can take your coffee branding to another level with shrink sleeves on cans. Below we will explain the advantages to shrink sleeve cans. 

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How Does The Shrink Sleeve Application work?

Check out the video to see how our Shrink Sleeve application on cans works. Sometimes a video is worth more than a thousand words. 


Custom Printed Stickers and Labels for Promotion

What Is The Advantage Of Shrink Sleeve Cans?

There are many, the main advantage is 360 Degree Printing. The advantage of shrink sleeves on cans is that you can print 360 degrees around your entire can. This gives you more space for advertising. It also gives you more space to showcase your brand. Eye-catching packaging can be the difference between your products selling fast, or collecting dust on the shelves. With this additional space you can send the exact message you want to your customers. It could be artwork that wraps around the entire can. Or something different. Shrink sleeves on cans gives you extra real estate to add cool facts about your product, or mesmerizing artwork. Use all sides of your can to advertise your story. The possibilities are unlimited. If you had a 2x2 label on your can and your competitors had 4 times that much area who would catch their eye first? With more space, you have a better chance to capture the attention of a consumer.


MOSAIC / FUSION / Variable Printing

With MOSAIC / Fusion printing we can print all your shrink sleeves to be unique on every can. That’s right, every can will get printed with a different artwork design. A good example of this is the “Share A Coke” campaign. Where millions of coke labels were printed with a different design. This type of Variable printing has become a popular trend lately because it lets a brand stand out from the competition. This is a major advantage for LabelValue customers as it allows them complete flexibility to be seen as unique by the customer. That is, until your competition also starts doing the same type of variable printing.

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Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable –

Because Shrink sleeves do not stick to the can, it can get removed easily to recycle. This makes shrink sleeves on cans more environmentally friendly.


Save Warehouse Space

If you are a small coffee company you don’t need to worry about wasting precious warehouse space storing empty cans.

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Cost Effective With Digital Printing 

At LabelValue Shrink Sleeve printing does not require a plate to get made. On top of that, shrink sleeves are more cost-effective than paying for two different custom labels, a front and back label.

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Engagement Ideas & QR Codes

Another popular marketing trend is to add QR codes that will take the customer to your website to view all your coffee flavors. When you combine this with 360 degree printing it can make a positive first-time impression by customers. By using a QR code on your shrink sleeves you can interact with your customers after the sale. You can take this one step further by trying to capture their email once on your website.

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Clients in the Industry

Work with a Shrink sleeve printer that understands the specific needs of your industry. We have collaborated with many coffee companies just like yours. With our full-service print options, graphic design, marketing services and more, customers love the flexibility, quality, and value that LabelValue provdes. 


More About Coffee Shrink Sleeves: 

Whether you need custom labels printed for your coffee bags or you're looking for shrink sleeves on cans, we can create the perfect solution for you to meet your needs. We have extensive experience working with coffee companies just like yours. From unique shrink sleeves on cans to bold, colorful logo printing on metallic materials that make your brand pop, we've got you covered. Whatever your vision, we're excited to get started on your coffee shrink sleeves. 

Our shrink sleeve printing has been thoroughly tested and proven to perform in every environment your coffee products may encounter. From freezer and refrigeration grade adhesives, to BOPP labeling materials guaranteed to stand up against harsh abrasives - when it comes to shrink sleeve coffee labels, we're the go-to experts. At LabelValue we don't just print shrink sleeves, we create custom solutions tailored to your brand's individual needs. No two companies are the same, so why should your shrink sleeves?