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Promote your Facebook Fan Page

like us on facebookWith more users gravitating to social media each day, it is absolutely imperative that a company participate in social media marketing. While a well rounded social marketing plan will encompass the big three right now – Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter – there is no denying that with over 800 million active users, Facebook is the “king of the castle and any organization not using Facebook is missing out on a major opportunity to interact with customers, promote brand awareness and increase communication around products and promotions, not to mention the opportunities for advertising to a targeted market segment.

Still, of the businesses that have recognized the importance of maintaining a fan page (have we mentioned it also helps with SEO?), those businesses are tasked with promoting their page and acquiring more fans. Consider these tips for promoting your fan page.

  1. Put it on your website. This is the fastest and easiest way to get fans to your page. Make sure that the Facebook button is highly visible so visitors to your website will notice it easily.
  2. Put the URL for your fan page in your email signature. As soon as you reach 25 users, you can create a custom URL for your Facebook fan page that can be promoted elsewhere. If you send a lot of emails each day, a custom URL to your page in your email signature provides a great opportunity for free promotion.
  3. Put your fan page on your business card. If you are using your fan page like you should, it is a great place to drive new customers and people you meet.
  4. Blog about it. Write a blog post with the top five reasons that your readers will benefit from joining your fan page. Perhaps you provide information about sales and promotions, offer contests, or offer a great way to communicate and ask questions about your brand and products. Blog about it!
  5. Ask your Twitter followers to “Like” your page.This is another place that that custom URL will come in handy, andit will make it easier to promote your fan page on your Twitter account. Don’t just ask them to join though, give them compelling reasons to be your fan. For example, Tweet something like, “Wanting more conversation than 140 characters can allow? Join us on Facebook at…”
  6. Put your Facebook fan page on your Twitter profile background. Cross-advertise your social platforms and put a link to your Facebook page right on your Twitter page.
  7. Put a tag in your YouTube videos. This is another major player in the world of social media, and one that many are not utilizing. Google searches love to provide a variety of media options in search results, and since Google owns YouTube it will regularly provide YouTube videos in results. If making compelling videos is part of your marketing strategy, throw in your fan page link at the end of your videos.
  8. Invest in Facebook ads. These ads are extremely easy to set up and can be changed at any time, allowing you to test your response based on the message and picture you are using. You can spend as little, or as much, as you would like. They allow you to closely define your target market, putting your ad in front of people in the right age category, career field, or with a certain interest.
  9. Add a link on your personal Facebook profile. This is a great way to let your friends know about your page without actually pushing them to be a fan and follow your page.
  10. It’s about teamwork. Encourage everyone in your organization to link to the fan page from their personal profile.
  11. QR codes. Consider using QR codes to get customers to your fan page.
  12. Use your fan page. Facebook allows you to import a contact file or import contacts from Hotmail, Yahoo, etc, enabling you to easily inform people you know that you have a page.
  13. Add a Like box. Add a Like box to the sidebar of your blog or website. When you do this, however, make sure you set the options to include face pile, so it will show your readers how many of their friends like the page.
  14. Google Adwords. Use a keyword-based ad and direct people to your Facebook fan page.
  15. Webinars. If you hold webinars, make sure that you send registrants to your Facebook page. You may be given the option, depending on the webinar tool you are using, to send them to a URL after they register. If you are given this option, make sure you send them to your fan page.
  16. PowerPoint Presentations. Any time you give a presentation for your organization, the last slide should be of your contact info. Make a point to include your custom Facebook URL on that last page. Not only will it include more fans who already have an interest in your business, it will help them to better understand your organization over time and provide them with a great contact option.
  17. Place “Like us on Facebook” labels on your products. This is a great way to inform customers in stores, offline and away from the internet, that you have a Facebook page and encourage them to go there for information on promotions and sales.
  18. Invite your friends (if you must). This isn’t the greatest option, since your friends may not want to feel pressured to “Like” your page. However, it is an option is you are in need.