I Voted Stickers - Semi-Gloss Paper

Thank you for considering LabelValue.com for your I Voted stickers. We understand that facilitating elections is no small task. That's where our vibrant array of "I Voted" stickers, election-themed labels, and fully customizable voting stickers come into play. These voting stickers aren't just an afterthought; they're an indispensable part of the voting experience, acting as a beacon of pride and active citizenship. We've seen firsthand the impact these small stickers can have as a conversation starter, especially when they are customized for your local precinct. Buy I Voted Stickers today and receive free shipping, same business day, for all of our in-stock label and sticker products.

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  1. I Voted American Flag Oval Stickers
    I Voted American Flag Oval Stickers
    • Item# LV-VOTE3
    • 1.375" Oval "I Voted" Flag Stickers
    • 500 stickers per roll, 1 roll per package
    • The perfect handout at polling places to allow people to show they voted on Election Day. Free Shipping Included
    list price $24.26
    As low as $5.43
    Free shipping in the USA
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Why Should I Buy I Voted Stickers?

We've noticed the satisfaction voters feel upon receiving an "I Voted" sticker - a symbol of their active role in shaping our future. And let me tell you, the joy they bring is real. These stickers are an instant badge of honor, perfect for celebrating one's civic duty and encouraging others to participate. Displayed on lapels, jackets, or even laptops, they’re a fun way to spark conversations about voting and why it's essential.

What Other Election Stickers Are There?

But it's not all about the "I Voted" stickers. We also offer a broad selection of election-themed stickers that serve multiple purposes. Whether you need to demarcate lines, designate voting zones, or simply add some festive flair to your precinct, our collection has got you covered.

Where Can I Get Custom I Voted Stickers for My Precinct?

You're in the right place for custom election stickers! What really sets us apart, is our custom voting stickers. These are tailor-made for individual precincts, an opportunity to reflect the unique spirit of your community. Over the years, we've seen these stickers be used in various ways: marking early voting, distinguishing between different polling sites, or commemorating special election events. They offer an added layer of local identity and can even act as collectibles for your community’s proud voters.

Quality Stickers with A Purpose

Our stickers are more than just adhesive and ink. They represent the democratic ethos we cherish, and they contribute to the sense of occasion that every election should have. They are tangible, shareable, Instagrammable tokens of one of our society's most significant acts. Plus, they're made to high-quality standards, designed to endure even the busiest election day.

Whether it’s the simple yet iconic "I Voted" sticker, our range of thematic decals, or the unique custom voting stickers, our products add a dash of color and pride to the important work you do. So, here's to facilitating participation, one sticker at a time!

Keep up the excellent work, and remember - every vote (and sticker) counts!