Custom Foil Stamp Label Information

Gold and Silver Foil Stamp LabelsA foil stamp label can add a beautiful touch to your custom label and really make it stand out from other products. The gold or silver foil will cause the light to reflect vividly and catch customer's eyes. If you've decided on a gold or silver foil stamp label, here are a few quick tips on making sure your design incorporates it well.

1. Avoid the logo

Unless your logo actually has gold or silver as a predominent color, don't design your logo to have the foil stamp. You want to keep your company's branding consistent, so while it may seem like you'll make your logo jump out more, in reality you'll just confuse your customers.

2.  Choose gold accents not gold core elements

The gold foil is an especially strong and attention-grabbing element. While this is definitely a benefit for your label, too much of a good thing really is just too much. Don't create large blocks of the gold foil, as this will be too distracting and appear obnoxious. Instead, tastefully highlight important focal points with the gold foil. It will convey a much more professional, confident, non-desperate feel.

3. Choose one (or two maximum) other color

Don't detract from your foil with a busy label that has multiple colors. Choose a strong complement and stick to it. See the example to the right of a silver foil wine label. Our customer chose the emerald green and used the emerald and silver exclusively. It creates a strongly coherent, striking visual design.

Now these are general rules of thumb and your design could break some of these rules. That's okay, because rules, especially design rules, are meant to be broken. So be creative and come up with an amazing label that you'll be proud to display.