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These are real, unsolicited testimonials from a few of our customers. If you haven't purchased from us, or are still on the ropes about making a decision, just read what our customers have had to say about their experience in purchasing custom labels from

If you are a current customer and would like to provide us with feedback about your experience, feel free to send us an email from our Contact Us page. Please note that we will not publish your last name or email address if you choose to send us your comments.

Peg, Amici Pet Inc, Newark, DE: has given me complete freedom, flexibility and cost reduction for the labeling needs of my business. No longer do I have to buy excessively large quantities of "off-set" printed labels, that may or may not get used in a timely fashion, just to get a volume discount.

I sell 30 different products and there is no way I could afford 5-10 thousand of each label just to get a price break. designed the custom labels with my logo and all the appropriate information. The colors match all my other marketing materials, all I have to do is insert the variable data, and I'm off to the races. The process is easy and takes no time at all.

I recently had a retailer who wanted some additional information printed on some of my product labels, that would have been a nightmare under the old way of doing business!

The staff at LabelValue are knowledgeable, friendly, patient and are able to grasp the client's business needs in no time flat.

To all my fellow small business owners who feel they have to be slaves to the expensive printing establishment, think again. is the most economical way to get high quality labels for your merchandise.

Tony, Extreme Tix, Texas:

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your tremendous product and top notch service. On two recent occasions I found myself in tight spot regarding stock availibility. You and your production team were able to get tickets created, rolled, and shipped in record time.

Being in a service oriented business I have high expectations as it relates to customer service and responsiveness. I appreciate the fact that you have always stayed in touch and responded quickly to all our custom needs.

Sometimes our business and our clients' needs are unpredictable. It is good to know that we have a partner that is not only dependable but supplies a superb product.Thank you LabelValue!

Jupiter, Fl



Probably one of the best online customer experience I've had. Let's just say I'm not the most patient person when it comes to technology, and, along with some labels I had Label Value custom make, I needed a printer. First we chatted on email about what I was looking for in the labels. I mentioned I needed a certain type for outdoor/uv protection, with non-aggressive adhesive. Since this was for work purposes, he mentioned he could throw the company logo onto each label. Perfect! Loved the idea. They made the company logo on each label the perfect size so I could see print what I needed to print on them. Then I needed a printer to print these specific labels. I'm not familiar with printers, so I was very thankful he knew exactly what I was talking about and gave me a link to the printer and other add-ons I'd need for this project so I wouldn't have to go searching through the site. Even when they didn't have a certain ribbon that I needed, and I wasn't completely confident I knew what I needed, he took the time to look into it himself and gave me a link to a different company that did sell them. Awesome!

In short, there are probably about 20 emails going back and forward between myself and Ross at Label Value, and I am very happy with the customer service, delivery, price, and the look of my new labels.

Thanks again, Ross!




Thanks for your great quality products and customer service. Crucial for small company like us. We trust you." -Patrick

"Just wanted to comment about the great service I received from My order was shipped UPS for free the same day that I ordered it and was promptly delivered. It was as ordered and a good value. Thanks, will use your company again and recommend to my friends." -Randall in Tyler

New Haven

"...last week I called in and placed an order over the phone after hours. I believe I spoke with one of you, but I am not sure who. I understand that you took it upon yourself to personally drive the labels to UPS to have them shipped out overnight so that we would have them by 10:00am the next day. I would like you to know that we did receive them just as anticipated and I CANNOT express my gratitude enough!! I appreciate the service that I received as I cannot compare it to anything I have dealt with in the past! This is a shining example of Customer Service and I just wanted you to know this! Have a great day and I look forward to referring others to your company, as well as continuing to do business with your company!" -Colin


"I'm a repeat customer and really appreciate your good prices and excellent service." -Catherine


"I wanted to email you to thank you for such great customer support. I am a new and now permanent customer. I called your 1-800 number yesterday with a question about label compatibility with my new Dymo mailing solutions printer. I am a home based business owner and had bought the printer in hopes of making my shipping easier. I had just about given up on the printer when I stumbled over your website. Your customer service rep was polite and courteous. She took the time to explain to me how to find out if a label is compatible with my printer. I wish I had gotten her name so that she would receive the recognition she deserves, but I didn't. Just the other day, I was saying that many of the sales reps I have dealt with lately are rude and not helpful. This has caused me to close out some of my major accounts because I believe that customer satisfaction is important. Your sales rep did exactly the opposite. You now have a customer for life." -Kris


"I just wanted to let you know that I am EXTREMELY pleased with your products service. I'm also ecstatic about your low prices. Seiko wanted to charge me 13.00 for the exact same product that I received from you for 5.00. WOW!!! What a rip off that would have been! Again, thanks for your products, especially thanks to your wonderful customer service." -Darlene


"Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your labels for my Dymo machine. I use labels for bills, Christmas cards etc. and I am very pleased with your fast service and the quality of the labels. I have you in my favorites so next time I need more labels I know where to find the best ones. Thanks again LabelValue!" -Kim

Boynton Beach

"You guys are the best label company that I have seen on the internet. Great website, easy to place order, updated email follow up and free shipping. Keep up the great work. I will keep ordering all my labels from" -Binoy

Saratoga Springs

"I just wanted to let you know I received my order much faster than I expected! As a new business, I need to cut costs as many ways as possible. Your products are just as good as the Dymo brand but are so much cheaper. With free shipping to boot, you just can't beat it. I am always looking for ways to improve the appearance of our products. With quality labels at these prices, I have the ability to try many different ways to create the perfect image. Thank you for your help! You have permanently become my number one label supplier!" -Cameron


"We host one of the largest collegiate career fairs on the east coast every year. More than 4000 students attend and more than 250 companies with more than 800 representatives. This year we realized without much warning that our old label printers were not going to work this year. This meant that we needed four label printers and 4000 printable name badges in less than two days. We considered ordering from bigger sites such as, but they were much more expensive than label value. Having never heard of LabelValue before, we were wary of trying something new - we needed the printers and labels very soon and couldn't take the risk of having them not show up....but we were encouraged by the BBB Online Reliability Program Certification. We decided to go with LabelValue, and the choice couldn't have been better. We ordered at 4:50 PM. After 5:00 PM we received the shipping notification e-mail for our items, and they arrived next day. Everyone in the office was amazed - "they're here ALREADY?"...we expected processing to wait until at least the next business day. Thank you LabelValue - we'll definitely be back next time we need 4000 labels in such short notice." -Justin


"I am VERY pleased with the labels and the quality of service. You are my label supplier of choice, and I will gladly refer others to you in the future." -Alice


"Just wanted to say thanks for the quick shipment of my labels. They are pefect, and were quite reasonably priced. I have no reason to shop anywhere else." -Letha


"Hi there, I just wanted to say how happy I am with your products. I ordered some labels from this week. I got your brand because they were a lot less expensive than the OEM Dymo ones. I got them in about 2 days via priority mail which I liked because you don't over charge for shipping...I can't even tell the difference between your product and the original DYMO brand labels! The quality is great! I have to say this was about the best value and experience I've ever had online! Keep up the great work. I went ahead and did a review on shopzilla, I see that it will be your first one...I gave ya'll all 10/10! looking forward to doing more business in the future, I will definitely recommend your site to everyone! Have a fantastic day!" -Jarred

Long Beach

"Wow !! - What Service ! Ordered items at 3:07 pm on Thursday and received them in Los Angeles by priority mail on Saturday afternoon. Great." -Barry

Warner Robbins

"Just wanted to say THANK YOU for the GREAT Shipping service. I ordered labels Friday and they arrived MONDAY!! Now that's SUPER service for which I very much appreciate..." - Bob


"Your service is awesome. I tell everyone I know about your services." -Katie


"BRAVO! Excellent communication, easy to navigate site, best prices, and Free shipping! Thank you!!" - Scott

"You are my only source for labels--last order shipped a day or so late and you called me to let me know. It didn't matter at all, but if it had you would have made it possible for me to get labels locally before I had a problem. That's tremendous customer service, and it's the kind that stops me from comparison shopping. Thanks, LabelValue!" - Dwala


"You guys rock, I ordered some labels, went to the bathroom, heard a knock on the door and the dang labels were here. Thanks so much for the quick service and good price." - John

Los Angeles

"I tried other shipping labels and found your adhesive to be the strongest. We previously used one of your competitors labels that wouldn't stay on our packages. Thanks for offering such great products." - Susan


"I was in a bind and needed labels shipped fast. Thank you for excellent customer service and your flexibility. I received my labels in time and want to thank you very much." - Fnu


"I wish that I had found your website sooner. We are saving money on labels and the ordering process is so simple and quick. We'll continue to be a LabelValue customer for a long time and I hope that more people find out about your website." - Charles


"Great website. This is my first of hopefully many orders with LabelValue. I like the depth of information that you provide for first label buyers like me to understand my labels and desktop label printer. Good job!" -Robert

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