How Can I Get a Custom "No-Label" Look for my Products?

Clear Invisible No-Label LookMany times customers invest in unique containers in order to distinguish their product through color and shape. Enhance your product with a clear label that does not interfere with your package but rather shows a stylish "no-label" look that allows your cosmetic product to shine through. 

The use of negative space can create a really striking visual design. Our graphic designers at love the use of white space and negative space as they lend a touch of sophistication and creativity that your typical solid color label might lack.

For most products a Clear Poly BOPP plastic material will be the best choice for this invisible label type of look. Our custom label experts have years of experience dealing with these types of products and will be an excellent resource for more personalized material, finish and adhesive suggestions. 

If you're interested in learning more about how to get a "no-label" look for your product, click the link below and give us a call or follow the link to fill out a quick online quote.