What Are My Material Options for Custom Printed Labels?

The label material is the face stock for your label. You will want to consider where your label will be used to determine the optimal label material for your custom labels. More options are available, so please speak to one of our custom label experts if your desired material is not listed below. 


White Plastic (BOPP) - White Plastic BOPP is a polypropylene material safe for indoor and outdoor use White Plastic Custom Label Material Samplewith a permanent adhesive. If you are looking for a waterproof material that repels water and oils then this is your best choice. 






Clear Plastic (BOPP) - Clear Plastic BOPP is a clear (completely transparent) version of the white polypropylene material with permanent adhesive. It is Clear Plastic Custom Label Material Samplesuitable for waterproof applications indoors or outside. This is the ideal choice when you want your product to be visible through the label. This is also an effective choice for window stickers and reverse image labels.




Silver (Chrome) Paper - Silver paper has a bright mirror-like coating on white paper it looks like Silver Chrome Custom Label Material Samplechrome. It is a beautiful material and is commonly used to draw attention to a product or enhance a products image.





White Paper - White paper is our most economical material used for dry indoor applications where a White Paper Custom Label Material Samplepermanent adhesive is required.